Mahalasa Narayani is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Mahalasa Narayani is worshipped mainly in Goa, parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. . Meenakshi Pancharatna Stotram – Prayer to Goddess. Mhalsa (Marathi: म्हाळसा, IAST: Mhāḷasā), also spelled as Mhalasa or Mahalasa is a Hindu goddess. She is venerated in two distinct traditions. As an independent goddess, she is considered as a form of Mohini, the female avatar of the god Vishnu and is called Mhalsa Narayani. Shaktihi Sarvagyasarvashaktishcheti Kilakam | Shri Mahalasa Narayani () || Om Mahalasaye Namaha || || Ithi Shri Mahalasashtottara Shatanamastotram.

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Oh Goddess who has the form of Lord Shivawho holds a trident, who adorns herself with the crescent and snake and who rides on the great bull, Our manalasa to you, Narayani 7.

However, in Mardol and other present-day temples, especially of those belonging to the GSB community, Mahalasa is dissociated from Shiva-Parvati concept and entirely regarded as the Mohini Roopa of Lord Vishnu only.

Oh Goddess with the holy crown, who holds aloft the great Vajrayudha, who shines with thousand eyes, who killed the Vruthra asura and who has the form of Indra, Our salutations to you, Narayani Hamsa yuktha vimanasthe, brahmani roopa dharini, Kaushambha ksharike devi, Narayani namoshthuthe. According to another legend, Mhalsa is considered to be a form of Shiva’s wife Parvati. Retrieved 5 February Oh Goddess who is a giver of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a giver of all wealth, who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour, Our salutations to you, Narayani 3.

According to another legend linking her to Khandoba, the god Shiva was enchanted by Mohini.

Narayani Stotram

Trishula chandrahi dhare, maha vrushabha vahini, Maheswari swaroopena narayani namosththe. Life has no meaning without spiritual discipline. Hey powerful one, who leads to evolution of earth from the micro time and who is the main force in naraayni destruction of the world, Our salutations to you, Narayani Kashta is the time when eyes blink and open naturally for 18 times and kala is 30 kashtas.


Kindly note, these books have been published for the benefit of the devotees at large,so payment for the above books is optional. Mohini was born in the house of Stottam Shet and the child was named Mahalasa. Lakshmi lajje mahavidhye, sradhe, pushti swadhe, druve, Maha rathri maha maye, Narayani namosthuthe. Mohini is worshipped as Mhalasa Narayani or Mhalasa. Stotra, copper plate inscription in the temple describes this event.

Mantra & Shlokas: Shri Mahalasa Narayani’s story

Spiritual life is essentially an inner journey. Forms of Vishnu Hindu goddesses Forms of Parvati. Stotrsm idol of Shri Mahalasa is in standing position and has four hands; there is a Trishul trident in the right back hand and an Amrut Kumbha in left back hand.

While the minute details are not known, it is evident that this migration took place during the persecution launched by the Christian missionaries during the Portuguese rule. In recent years, due to the increased popularity of the goddess, new temples have been naragani in VernaKumtaMudgeriKundapuraBasruruShirvaMangaluruKasargodHarikhandige, Malpe and other areas mostly along coastal Karnataka.

PUBLICATIONS – || Welcome to Shri Mahalasa Narayani’s Temple at Harikhandige ||

This page was last edited on 11 Marchat The deity, it may particularly be noted, also wears the holy thread, Yadnyopavitrawhich is its unique feature. The book also narayanii the powerful Shri Devi Apradha Kshamapana Stotram and the Shri Guru Padukaashtaka, which is very essential for a devotee who has embarked upon a spiritual journey along with his Master.

Retrieved from ” http: During this churning process emerged the fourteen ratnas treasuresincluding Amrut nectar of life which could make anyone who drinks it immortal. She promised him to be his wife in her earthly incarnation avtar when he would be incarnated as Khandoba on earth. Kiritini, maha vajre, sahasra nayanojwale, Vruthra prana hare, narayani namoshthe.

Posted by Madhuri Saxena at Srushti sthithi vinasanam sakthi bhoothe, sanathani, Gunasraye, gunamaye, narayani namosthuthe. A demon, Virochan, is kneeling at the right hand side and he appears to have been held by hair in the right forehand. As the consort of Khandoba, her chief temple – the Mohiniraj temple – is located at Nevasa taluka of Stogramwhere she is worshipped as a four-armed goddess and identified with Mohini.


This prayer was done by all devas after the Godess exterminated Shumbha, Nishumbha and their army. As per this legend, Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich Lingayat merchant in Newasa called Timmaseth. There was a fight between the Gods and demons. Pai is now available in Kannada. Of Goddess who is with cock and peacock, who holds a great spear, who is without sin, who is of the form of Lord Subrahmanya, Our salutations to you, Narayani. From Wikipedia, the mahlaasa encyclopedia.

There is a demon under her feet, and the severed, bleeding head of a demon in her left hand, under which a lion there are naraayni differences narsyani scholars srotram the animal appears to be licking the trickling blood.


Authored by His Holiness Guruji Shri Suresh J Pai, who is the Dharmadarshi of the Kshetra, the book is a powerful lighthouse for devotees who wish to embark on a spiritual journey to find a true Guru. Jwala karala mathyugra maseshasura soodhanam, Trishoolam padu no bheeder bhadrakalinamosthuthe.

Oh goddess who takes all forms, who is the goddess of every thing and who is having all types of strengths, please save us from fears, Our salutations to you, Goddess Durga. An annual festival marking this event is celebrated in Pali every Pausha Pournima.

Retrieved 12 March She also wears the yajnopavita sacred threadwhich is generally dedicated on male deities. Oh Goddess who holds mace, wheel, conch and bow in your hands, and who is the form of Lord Vishnube pleased with maualasa, Our tsotram to you, Narayani 9.

It is only a question of time. In the Mahalasa Narayani form, Mahalasa has four hands, carrying a Trishulaa sword, mahalaxa severed head, and a drinking bowl. She stands on a prostrate man or demon, as a tiger or lion licks blood dripping from the severed head. Two shivlingas appeared on this occasion.