Los sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Edibooks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lo largo de su vida, desempeñó oficios. Los Sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Yurbart] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dos amigos están a medio camino en un. Los Sauces (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Algernon Blackwood / Editor: Shantal Lopez ; ; Collections & anthologies of various literary forms.

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No matter the length I do like the title, my cocker spaniel, the love of my life almost, is named Willow. They decide to not risk further travel across the bursting river, and outwait the blackdood on a small, sandy island. Although it’s considered by many to be Szuces best and is easily his most known, if I had to choose I’d pick his other important story – The Wendigopurely because of my personal preference.

Los Sauces (Spanish, Paperback)

Using a minimalistic approach to casting and dialogue, he nonetheless was able to create a scene of almost photographic understanding and omniscience. See all 3 questions about Los sauces…. But even as the author creates great anxiety in the reader with mere words, he often rewards the reader with those same words in creating nearly poetic passages such as this one which sums up the story: A great introduction to Blackwood – Again, the name Algernon Blackwood is so cool the man SHOULD be remembered by that alone sounds like a noir detective or something – and I’ve heard he has even better stuff out there.

To ask other readers questions about Los saucesplease sign up. Almost immediately, the narrator feels as if they are intruders there, a sense of unease growing inside him as the river, the willows, and the island itself seem to conspire against them. On the first page it clearly says: Published June 1st by Borgo Press first published I also thought – about times – that they should just burn the willows and trees and anything else on the island and be done with any plant life that wanted to kill you, where they would have gone while the island was on fire I didn’t try to figure out, there was a mysterious hole in the canoe by this time, although we don’t know who put it there, so they weren’t leaving by boat once the fire started.


We have the narrator and his friend called “The Swede.

Los Sauces : Algernon Blackwood :

As HPL himself put it: I did like the surprise at the end though when both men realize that what they thought they saw when they first landed no spoilers was something else entirely. An anachronistically early appearance of the two-guys-smoke-dope-on-an-island-and-draw-interesting-conclusions trope, a full eighty years before the trope really took off in the late 80’s.

Paperbackpages. I highly recommend this novella! Among his thirty-odd books, Blackwood wrote a series of stories and short novels published as John Silence, Physician Extraordinarywhich featured a “psychic detective” who combined the skills of a Sherlock Holmes and a psychic medium.

Characters – I enjoyed the two friends who traveled to a beautiful place to meet a nightmare. Untrodden by man, almost unknown to man, it lay there beneath blackwod moon, remote from human influence, on the frontier of another world, an alien world, a world tenanted by willows only and the souls of willows.

I thought they got off quite easily in the end have i mentioned that I am way too blood thirsty?

Los sauces by Algernon Blackwood (2 star ratings)

At nights, there were This is the second story I’ve read of Blackwood. They start to fear the wind, the rising river, the willows, and anything else that seems like it is staring and mocking them.

The narrator becomes more and more disquieted as he observes the willows all around him; he senses them closing in, as if organizes as a unknown, hostile force.


But then, Blackwood does sometimes struggle with delivery, falling back on repetition to ensure that his points come across, which makes sense for an author writing in an experimental genre for a wide serial audience and who may be concerned about coming off as too obscure–but whether it was a bit of long-windedness on his part or editorial preference I cannot say. This most famous work of Blackwood’s is one of those classic short stories of weird horror mentioned alongside pieces by Lovecraft, Howard, Machen, Algeron, and Chambers as worthy of even a discerning reader.

This is a story not to be missed if you enjoy a classic eerie and creepy type of horror read.

The two adventurous men plan to traverse through its whole length, following the steps of the ancient Roman emperors, The Willows is Algernon Blackwood’s most famous story, and one which H. We were the first human influences upon this island, and we were not wanted. Josh rated it it was ok Oct 31, Borders between these worlds, and we might algetnon upon them by accident and be sucked in.

And the willow bushes everywhere, mile after mile, always moving like animals ready to attack, sucking the mighty river dry.

View all 8 comments. Its possible that the horror elements are just really dated.

Los sauces

Lists with This Book. Jun 26, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Go read the story and find out for yourself who makes it out alive, one of the men, both of the men, or the willows.

Atmosphere – So thick you could cut a knife with it.