an München schätzen. München ist zudem die sicherste Stadt in Deutschland .. mit an den Standort angepassten Vermietungskonzepten dem Markt sehr .. Industrie-/Logistikimmobilien / Industry/logistics properties. 4, the issue of corporate real estate in Germany for the first time.1 . Logistikimmobilien – Markt und Standorte Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz. CREDITS. Der Markt für Büro-, Industrie- und Gewerbeflächen in der Region Berlin. (Berlin: JLLS). Jones Lang LaSalle (), Logistikimmobilien-Report Deutschland . “Gewerbesuburbanisierung – Die Tertiärisierung der suburbanen Standort”.

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Regarding the development of employees working at the LSPs, a constant increase can be observed while the number of employees working for shipping companies constantly decreases figure 3.

These systems provide distinct codes that enable a targeted analysis of parts of an economy and enable combining data from different statistical sources on revenues, tonnages moved, employees, the value of traded goods, type and number of relevant goods etc. For Germany, the corresponding figures show revenues of about EUR bn Destatis, ; own calculations.

Each of these sections 3 to 5 presents methods as well as results. The special requirements for logistics handling goods for the chemical industry are derived and logistics clusters in the German chemical industry are presented. From a logistics perspective, the balance of trade flows is interesting to analyze as it can have effects on the kind of logistics services that are available and on price levels of logistics services regarding the trade lane. These chemical parks allow shipping companies to concentrate on own core competencies and to use cost intensive infrastructure like pipelines or rail connection in association with other shipping companies.

Furthermore, special conditions such msrkt the storage and handling of hazardous goods and 24 hours operation time are fulfilled Logistlkimmobilien et al.

Usually, these databases allow an export of data according to the msrkt classifications that are used by statistical offices. This is especially attributable to the port of Rotterdam being of significant importance for the European chemical industry. Data available at http: Especially, surveys among experts and practitioners are essential for knowledge building. In step 1, data is extracted from company databases. For example, this is the case for Siemens, a global player in machinery, electricity, plant construction and other sectors.

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The river Rhine between Rotterdam and Mannheim in Germany is the single most important trade lane for hinterland traffic from the port of Rotterdam.

LOGICAL — Development of cloud computing platforms and tools for logistics hubs and communities

There is also a need for workers who have an administrative support function, like management activities or organizational tasks that are necessary to enable a smooth flow of logistics processes in the supply chain.

While the amount of logistics personnel in the relevant manufacturing branches e. The following approach is used in order to identify the most relevant demanders within a specific industry as surveying practitioners often does not result in a comprehensive list. Furthermore, through the combination of these items of data, ratios can be calculated and compared across different sectors.

It also forms the basis for the evaluations of this essay.

Business Chemistry | The logistics profile of the German chemical industry

To account for the high amount of self-employed truckers and parcel distributors in the German logistics market, these workers need to be added to obtain the total amount of employment within the chemical logistics sector.

Another standkrte those workers have to meet is the technical maintenance of plants as logistics employees might take part in manufacturing processes to some extent Hardt et al. The basic motivation is to improve circumstances for complex decision situations that occur on a daily basis in globally interconnected firms, their supply chains and, following Cooper et al.

This top 10 list presents the demand side of the chemical logistics market for Germany as a result of a study conducted in with turnover information available for Klassifikation der WirtschaftszweigeStatistisches Bundesamt, Wiesbaden.

The WZ system differentiates 16 types of manufactured goods for the chemical manufacturing logistikimmobilien wholesale and raw material mining are excluded Statistisches Bundesamt, The products of the companies do not only differ in type but also regarding their logistikimmobiliem for distribution to customers. The third distance measure denotes the furthest distance to connect the countries.

The deutschladn of this article is as follows. An International Journal14 6pp. The new properties are mainly located close to the described chemical industry clusters.

Special issues might require additional qualitative or quantitative primary research among practitioners from the respective industry. Therefore, chemical logistics space can primarily be detected close to the historically settled production plants of the chemical industry along the Rhine, which is one of the most important inbound trade lanes for chemical raw materials Kille and Schwemmer, Developing key performance indicators for supply chain: As these are often spin-offs of the manufacturers at site, they mainly provide services for their parent company but might also provide services for third parties.


From a German point of view, the backload factors are 1.

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The proximity to the shipping company turns out to be a priority for settlement decisions. Additionally, diversified LSPs play an important role, e.

As the world is developing towards service economies, a service perspective might gain in importance in supply chains that handle goods, just like the chemical industry. About 20 different criteria concerning the logistics offer and demand of a district for logistics services form an evaluation index.

In this context, various chemical parks have grown Grap and Milnikel, The article aims at giving basic data and interpretations on the chemical logistics sector in Germany.

Thus, one statistical code might not be sufficient to classify such firms. Assuming an average speed of travel of 60 km per hour, the displayed time is necessary to travel the xeutschland via road traffic. If data is prepared by using different classification systems, extensive efforts are necessary to harmonize stanvorte data to enable a joint analysis.

This industry code does not obey the cross-sectional characteristic of logistics but encompasses the LSP market. The combination of secondary data and primary research handled with specific designed databases and methods enables the compilation of a multi-layered picture. In addition, the development of those figures can be traced via time series analyses.

Section 7 concludes with final remarks and suggests fields where research should help to gain transparency on logistikimmobbilien logistics. Besides that, synergies can be leveraged there more easily. An industry perspective, Supply Chain Management: