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But there’s a more likely explanation and perhaps grain of truth to the claim: This article is all about measuring the results and putting some facts around the differences between op amps in a typical audio application. Used in high gain critical applications the rules datasueet be different.

The main reason to use FET inputs is for their superior DC performance especially bias current which is mostly useless in an audio application.

NwAvGuy April 2, at 9: A ‘ expectedly sucks, as do all the s. Win or lose the video goes on YouTube and the story is published on this blog. If I order s from Mouser then Datasheett could get a couple of these too. The schematics have become rather generic so as not to give too much away. The critical gain stage of the O2 amp runs at a constant temperature so thermal issues are not an issue. This ln4580 in an increased phase margin, improved stability, and improved transient response.


Datasheet archive on 20-11-2006

I had a tube of ne and half of them had high dc offset compared to the rest. You can plainly see the entire dataxheet floor is about 3 dB higher than the graph above:.

And even then Johnson noise could still dominate so both would perform roughly the same.

Slew Rate — All were over the 2. The article was another late night “rush job”. Sadly, all the decent.

This is a huge pile of false technobabble. And you seriously hand tested of them? Anonymous August 18, at Not to mention few know how to even use RMAA properly. Some op amps need as much as 9 ma per amp section or more.

So it really doesn’t matter much. Are you sure the dissipation goes up as the square of the voltage? Anonymous September 11, at 8: Overall I tested nearly two dozen op amps. Deasily derived. This is especially true at ultrasonic frequencies. Furthermore, the paper analyzes the influence of thewhen we talked about reluctance: But of course this is a logical fallacy appeal to authority to some extent so I was wondering what you think.

Have you looked on eBay? The O2 is a low impedance application and the current noise will likely dominate but both have to be considered along with the Johnson noise. I am especially interested to hear your findings in blind tests if you have done any of course.


The rest of the time its just unavoidable sighted listening bias–take away the knowledge of which is which and the “differences” disappear. The O2 passes the test with flying colors.

A lot of people using op amps to drive headphones are operating them well outside their design criteria. They were also among the first reasonably priced FET op amps that were useful for high quality audio.

But this game is all about bragging rights. Please keep comments on topic. But I did test a couple parts from National and Analog Devices.

Those are all dinosaurs from the era before fast power transistors were available for high power amps.

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Was that an old Signetics part? All the H-F EE flunkies out there have nothing better to do but throw stones when they should be diligently improving their own inferior product s.

Op amps with FET inputs are typically noisier in many audio applications. Designer op amps are amazingly like hyper-expensive supercars. In a Cmoy, or other application, where the op amp is driving headphones directly nearly all of them are working under stressful conditions. Thanks for the great articles!

The gives the best result short of a dedicates headphone driver.