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No protection is needed for output voltages of 25V or less and 10 uF capacitance. The stability problem with slower pass transistors, if it occurs at all, is usually seen only on the negative regulator. However, improper polarities can be applied accidently under many normal operating conditions, and the lm305y condition is often gone before it is recognized. The extra diodes result in twice the diode voltage drop of a FWCT circuit so that the latter may be preferable in low voltage supplies.

At low output voltages, fixed power losses are a greater percentage of the total output power so efficiency is lowest. In many cases, capacitor size will have to be increased to prevent 8.

More recently, simple three-terminal regulators supplying one to three amps have been placed on individual cards within a system.

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Various shutdown methods may be used. Program- ming current is set at 10 mA to minimize the effects of the 50 uA biasing current of the regulators and should further be increased if many LM’s are used.

To do this, all quiescent operating current is returned to the output establishing a mini- mum load current requirement. To summarize, outstanding features of the regula- tor are: These regulators are exceptionally easy to apply, requiring only 2 external resistors to set the output voltage and 1 output capacitor for frequency compensation.


Also, with both D1 and D2 in the circuit, when the input is shorted, C2 is discharged through both diodes, rather than the ground pin. The adjustment terminal can be bypassed to achieve very high ripple rejections ratios which are difficult to achieve with standard 3-terminal regulators. This does not hurt the regulator and is mostly dependent upon input bypassing capacitors. Progressively larger values are required of ceramic, solid tantalum and aluminum electrolytic capac- itors because the effective series resistance ESR increases respectively in each type capacitor.

Bypassing the adjustment terminal to ground improves ripple rejection. In most regulators the decrease is linear, and at input- output voltages of about 30V the output current can decrease to zero.

OA the regulator must deliver: Since each regulator is operating independently, the positive and negative peaks must be set separately for a symmetrical output.

LM305H Cross Reference

The table below summarizes the typical performance of the LM Also a pulse test. Dual Power Supply A positive regulator can be connected with an LM to form a non-tracking dual power supply. The first, known as a “band-gap” or AVbe reference is shown in simplified form in Figure A3. After extensive life testing, National Semiconductor has developed some average “acceleration factors” relating increased surface related failure rates to increased junction temperature.

An adjustable regulator is mandatory since, for long battery life the float voltage must be precisely controlled. These devices need only one external component-a compensation capacitor at the output, making them easy to apply.

The LM is an IC zener which has exceptionally low dynamic impedance so the negative supply need not be well regulated. A 1 jiF aluminum electrolytic may be substituted. When the PNP switches, a small square wave is generated across R5.

In smaller transformers hw VA rating size is determined by the maximum permissible no-load to full-load regula- tion. In addition to higher performance than fixed regulators, the LMHV series offers full overload protection available only in IC’s.


LMH Cross Reference,LMH Datasheet,LMH PDF –

Thermal regulation error is independent of electrical regulation datasheer temperature coefficient, and occurs within 5 ms to 50 ms after a change in power dissipation. External Current Limiting Characteristic-Unboosted 0. However, the extra power dissipated may cause heating of nearby com- ponents. In this case the voltage sense resistor is the internal J2 one.

Overload protection circuitry has been improved to make the device less susceptable to fault conditions and under short circuit conditions, minimum stress is transmitted back to the input power supply. Perhaps the most likely sources datashet transients are external capacitors used with regulators. As the battery volt- age rises, current to the battery decreases and when the current has decreased to mA, the charger switches to a lower float voltage preventing overcharge.

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On all other tests, even though power dissipation is internally limited, electrical specifica- tions apply only up to Pp. Tj, maximum operating junction temperature. Even with low input voltages, some positive regulators will not start when loaded by 50 mA to a negative supply. RMS ripple current in a capacitor input filter is 2 to 3 times the load current. A hermetic TO-3 package is used for high reliability and low thermal resistance. Safe area protection for the output transistor is provided to limit internal power dissipation.

If not already elim- inated in step a above, the LMH would also drop out at this time. Figure 2 shows the effect of resistance between the regu- lator and J2 set resistor.