General Information. Leucaena diversifolia is a deciduous tree or erect shrub with a light but spreading crown; it can grow 3 – 20 metres tall. When growing as a. A full botanical description of L. diversifolia is provided by Hughes (a). It is a small tree, commonly reaching m tall and cm in bole diameter; but. NFTA , October A quick guide to useful nitrogen fixing trees from around the world. Leucaena diversifolia is the second-best known species in the .

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Submitted to Tropical Grasslands. There are few reports of animal production from L.

Animal production from five species of Leucaena. National Academy of Sciences, Recent taxonomic work Hughes, b has shown that L. Specific rhizobium is required eg. Nodulation, nitrogen fixation, and Rhizobium strain affinities in the genus Leucaena.

Agroforestry Systems, 31 3: Leucaena diversifolia and distribution of homologous sequences identifying cross-inoculation group relationships. Leucaena – a promising soil-erosion-control plant.


Most authors have emphasised the potential to use Leucaena wood for a wide range of products including domestic and industrial fuel, including dendrothermal energy generation, poles, posts, sawn timber, furniture, parquet flooring, particle board and pulp. Nitrogen fixing tree research reports 10pp.

Fact sheet – Leucaena diversifolia

Some diploids are extremely resistant to psyllids. Application of glyphosate to regrowth following slashing will kill trees although repeat applications may be necessary.

Hot water treatment of seed is no longer recommended. Leucaena Research Reports 9: A range of pathogenic fungi and leuvaena insects occasionally attack L.

Scientific name

Copyright Colin Hughes, Dept. Weediness is likely to be a problem in many agricultural situations or in duversifolia rehabilitation Hughes, b ; Hughes and Jones, Leucaena diversifolia – a potential species for the subtropics.

Domestication of lesser-known species of Leucaena.

Leucaena Research Reports 9, pp. It has also been accepted by grazing cattle, although initially not as well as Leucaena leucocephala. Prevention and Control Top of page No specific information on the control of L.


Leucaena diversifolia

Sesbania sesban and Leucaena diversifolia as legumes trees in an agroforestry system in Rwanda. Legume-feeding psyllids of the genus Heteropsylla Homoptera: Tropical agriculture 71 2pp.

No cultivars of Dlversifolia.

Variations in the composition of gum exudates from Leucaena leucocephala and L. Agroforestry systems an international journal 41 3pp. Only very few feeding trials have been conducted, which included Leucaena diversifolia.

The use of tree legumes for fuelwood production. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Leucaena in northern Australia – a review. Leucaena bruchid beetle now in Australia. Progress and future activities of the leucaena psyllid research program in Indonesia.