LEGO set database: Battrax. Set number: ; Name: Battrax; Also known as: Blacktron Prowler; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Action/Adventure. Find great deals for Lego Space Blacktron Battrax (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Space Battrax (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I think that the most unusual will be the connecton of two front modules – it will look like famous Russian WWII aircraft IL-2 having two cabins: The set has only one minifigure – a very nice looking old school Blacktron I. The set in bold and below is the star relic of my childhood. The Invader is small, but has a lot of 641 and is just about flawless for what it’s supposed to be. It looked great in the pictures but I was rather disappointed when I got one myself off ebay. And I think it would still work when opposed with llego galaxy’s newest crime-prevention equipment!

BrickLink – Set : Lego Battrax [Space:Blacktron I] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

However, when the Space Police came out inthey got pissed off and started attacking the Futurons and destroying their monorail. Space – Blacktron I Year released: Posted January 30, The small “fighter” has variable geometry of the wings.

Sign in Already have an account? Thanks for the fine review, RangerBob. And who cares about the shape in space – there’s no air there! I am not making this up! You can combine various modules fromandwhich were the three original BT sets.


Instructions for 6941-1 – Battrax

BT1 probably had the most “evil” appearance of any of the bad guy themes. You can leave the main frame behind to have a nice flight around the planet.

The side view hides the wingspan, making it look smaller The set has only one minifigure – a very nice looking old school Blacktron I. Posted August 16, Expanding on what Freddie said, I also remember reading that they put off the skeleton minifigs for a few years because TLG thought kids would get scared of them and that minifig could die.

I love Blacktron 1 as a theme too, just not that particular set. Posted January 31, edited.

Battrax 6941 – Lego Instructions

The dark look fits perfect for their Bad Guy role. The building process takes no longer than 20 minutes. The cockpit has been detached, the rear module attached. But they look a bit cheap to me.

But you should 6914 in the atmosphere as But why coudn’t Lego made the cockpit a two seaterI know this is easily repaired but I rather had Lego do it from the start. And I thought parents today were ridiculous! Four lfgo are combined here Let’s take a closer look at the wheeled base of the vehicle The front and back parts are connected with 4 studs technic axle. They are pure awesome. Though it’s more than 20 years old, it’s still very cool – thank to the black suit and nice picture on the torso.


Due to the age of the set, the box is missing and the instruction booklet has completely worn off. And some prices are rather extortionate nowadays LEGO decided to market Blacktron with all the Blacktron figures’ visors up, because a query had revealed that parents found the figures to look evil, dangerous, scary and menacing with the visors down.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted August 26, The colors are direct opposite of the good guys’ white and trans-blue, and looks great on this vehicle, IMO.

Ah, I see, that must be why those MM jellies could not move their arms This “mix and match” feature is actually advertised on some of the boxes and manuals. I have a few blacktron sets from back in the day. Yes, the Invader is very nicely designed, although I’m not sure I would call it noble. The funniest part about this is that Blacktron wasn’t overtly evil when they originally came out.