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Less a World War One novel than a satire on bureaucracy, the book’s pages see no actual combat, detailing instead it’s protagonist’s struggles with the aventuraas Hapsburg military machine. But then he does seem thick. The story has probably lost much of its power in the time that has past since it was first written or the cultural divide was too wide to grasp some of the humor.

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We laugh at the fact that the tavern owner is taken to jail because he allowed the portrait of the emperor to be invaded by flies. Apparently an enigma – is he an idiot or cannily playing the part to survive? Hasek’s point about the futility of war is amply illustrated and there is a good bit of humor in the story. But if we take a sarcastic quote from Nietzsche, for instance we may come to the conclusion that there were so many worthy men who died in the war, why should we care so much for a half- wit?

It just came to me, a joke with him that I heard: I didn’t manage to finish this. That is not enough reason to send him to die on the frontline. Let me begin by saying that I didn’t read this in the original Czech but in translation while I was living thereand the book seemed horribly flat to me. I’m glad I read it to the end though, because I enjoyed the last few chapters and the afterword more than the rest of the book.


This wasn’t my sort of book. To view it, click here. Onto the next antic I felt I was reading the same gag over and over and over told in slightly different ways.

Unless you’re looking for primary source documents from the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I’d recommend reading a svenk chapter or so for the flavor, then finding something better to spend your time on. The author was an anarchist and the book was a seemingly incoherent mess which actually concealed a definite underlying structure.

Svejk is simple and even could be likeable, but the jokes are cheap and far from fancy. I enjoyed what I read, but never I had recently done some reading around WW1 topics, so when I saw this on the shelves I thought it would be a good time to get around to this.

A lesson in dead horse beating. But I for one, am glad that Heller transmitted whatever he saw in Svejk to me in a way that could blow my teenage mind forever in his own book. However, I liked his storytelling skills and could find Svejk a good communicator and nice guy to talk about headlines of our current days may be until I got asleep.

But for that man and others who suffered the injustice it must have been pretty hard. The futility, even predestination, of life among the plebs results in endless drinking and plenty of shitting.


Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk : Jaroslav Hasek :

Lists with This Book. Less a World War One novel than a satir The people of central Europe spent most of the Twentieth Century living under various stifling and unwieldy bureaucracies: His long winded stories which drive the other characters to distraction are rarely funny and your sympathy is more often with whoever is listening.

By then it was beginning to pall and there soldadoo still pages to go. He also wrote some 1, short stories. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk

There is little development of plot or character. View all 4 comments. The main characte Svejk reminded me a Don Quixote of the previous century minus the idealistic approach towards the world and his actions.

There are about a zillion different Svejk antics in the book, that mostly end up the same aventurs he nearly gets, jailed, committed or exe It was hard to pick a rating for Jaroslav Hasek’s novel “The Good Soldier Svejk.

But we know he’s already a veteran of previous war s. There’s a freedom there which not even Socialists have ever dreamed of. I thought I was going to love it, obviously. Same five jokes again and again. Nada ni nadie es ejemplar o valeroso: