THis may be a very dumb question, but how many grippers do I need for the KTA program. I heard someone mention in a post that you need a. Buy the KTA or RRBT grip programs and receive the other one FREE through Black Friday weekend. The KTA Program. I had considered trying out the RRBT and/or KTA programs recently, but upon .. I had been grip training for nearly four years at that point.

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Thanks again Bill, my plan is to certify by the end of the year and this has really boosted my confidence that I’ll do it.

My wife said no! To prevent this you can tape the end of the handle where your pinky goes but it seems to limit your crush. KTA will teach you how to get strong hands and you can adapt it to make huge gains on other forms of hand strength as well.

I was excited to try to close one!! Once I learned about gripper position, the set, and hand position I was able to close the 2 with ease, after struggling with it for months. Click the Play Button to View The Overcrush The Overcrush The overcrush is a single repetition where you want to totally crush the metal handles together with so much force you can feel your hand bones.

I just wanted to say thank you Bill for creating such a fantastic program.

The program is hard I lost a lot of skin off my right palm but just taped it and kept going. I have a trainer which i can just barely close and a number 1 which i can barely get parallel lol i know as i said i have a brutal grip. I am going to concentrate on pinching for the next month or so but still work with the above grippers. That is, if you grrip to close the 3, you need a 4 or an Elite.


I have read every grip book in print, and have tried every workout in them. I started training my own way with what I was learning from the “Gripboard”.

StandardApr 12, Figure 3 – Improper Start Position Note in figure 3 how the thumb is not thrust forward and the gripper handle is back far into the hand. The 2 is now a daily close with my left no matter if I’m tired, sore or whatever. It shows you everything, from just what the heck a dogleg is, to the all-important set.

I can negative crush lbs. Proggram pretty much stagnated at that point.

Well, I’ve mashed my 3 8 times so far this morning and have emailed Ironmind about getting a witness lined up. The test day leads into week 2 of Phase 1. Respectfully submitted, Sean M.

KTA is truly awesome! In 5 months from the moment I first touched a gripper, the 3 was shut! It took 2 yrs.

KTA – Kinney Adapted Training

Someone should have brutally whipped me for not buying KTA when I bought my first grippers. I was training days a week with maybe singles and no negatives. When the time came to try the 2, I closed it so easily Tka thought I’d picked up an easier gripper!

So use that as your guideline for which one to use. For maximum leverage, you should start the gripper close such that approximately half of your pinky is off the end of the gripper.

In a nutshell, KTA came along at the right time for me and I was a perfect candidate for it. When I received and tried the number 2, I never believed I could close it because it felt like a monster when I compared it to the number 1.

It’s a lot of hard work, but meeting my goals is very, very rewarding. I’ve been doing severe negatives, overcrushes, and strap holds for a while now with great progress but I think it’s the ORDER in which I do those that have made such a huge difference.


Not just shut once, but 5 singles including a 5 second hold. Try and cheat shut the gripper as far as you can don’t worry about how far, just as far as you can.


I had been working with my grippers for a couple months and could no-set close my 1 any time of the day, grp I still couldn’t close the last few peogram of my 2. Beyond the range is working the range of closing a gripper beyond the normal distance for when handles on the gripper touch together.

You must destroy the gripper!!!! Doesn’t have to be full reps as the close is the hardest part anyway. Jesse Murray Certified Captain of Crush Recently I have noticed the 3 closers to increase dramatically, so I went to the gripboard to find the secret. Dave Fryers Old Dax.

I closed and held it for 2 seconds with my right hand and just managed to get the handles to click with my left. Did the same thing again. Yep I said second. KTA exceeds my expectations by far.

Grip addictsKTA program. Does it work?

You MUST be determined. You must be willing to accept that you progrm NOT be at “full strength” all the time before the start of a workout. I don’t know for sure but I think I was the first guy on this forum to try it, and I had great results from it!