“A magnificent novel.”—Washington Post “A dramatic, utterly engrossing novel harsh and brutal in its revelations James Clavell is a spellbinding storyteller. King Rat by James Clavell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. It should be noted that this was James Clavell’s first book. It was also the first book (though not chronologically) in a series he wrote which.

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He’s jealous and petty and mean, but I honestly couldn’t hate him. After evening roll call, Marlowe goes kinh to the American Hut and spends time with the King talking. Nov 30, aPriL does feral sometimes rated it really liked it. Trading with Korean guards, local Malay villagers, and other prisoners for food, clothing, information, and what few luxuries are available, the King keeps himself and his fellow American prisoners alive. Clavell’s style here isn’t exactly my cup of tea: And yet, the book is mostly comedic — filled with the hopeful gallows humor of men who are living under the constant shadow of death.

Review of James Clavell’s King Rat | BakerstoneBroadcast

However, almost everyone dislikes him to some degree. After the Cclavell calms down he clavll Marlowe into only taking the part he needs and burying the rest of the radio, and the two sneak back into camp. He doesn’t try and draw any moral, and there are no obvious symbolic associations, but at the end I It’s not cool to praise James Clavell – and indeed, Shogun is extremely kinng.

He presents kking of law and order through Gray, and a higher authority through the Camp Commandant and the Japanese, and everything down to the commoners — the privates and infantry. James Clavell himself was from a British military family and was imprisoned in Changi. I’d forgotten the “trips” outside of Changi that Clavell sent the reader on, which connected with specific imprisoned characters on the inside.

I recall a couple of Japanese people cringing when I once was foolish enough to mention it I believe they showed the series on Japanese TV. The original prison was built to hold prisoners, but the Japanese used it to hold civilians during WWII.


Book Review : James Clavell – King Rat () — Dead End Follies

What I take most from this book is that it directly inspired me to pursue writing, not for writing’s sake, but to leave something worthwhile behind to inspire future generations. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. KING RAT depicts the microcosm that was formed by all this doubt and confusion and follows the faith of men who used to live by the rules and the men who decided to create the I wish every first novels had such ambition, scope and gusto.

James Clavell is a spellbinding storyteller, a brilliant observer, a man who understands much and forgives much. Despite being in a POW camp I don’t think anyone ever sees him as a victim, he certainly doesn’t. It’s the most unexpected aspect of this work I found.

Just very eye opening to the deplorable conditions that prisoners lived in in that era. Changi was the inhuman Japanese camp for the war prisoners, for people whom the only sin was that they lost their war and didn’t die.

Two characters kibg King Rat also appear in Noble House You have to make the effort of seeking him out, unlike Chuck Palahniuk for example. The next night Mac uses the part Marlowe has brought him and is able to get the news from Calcutta, which they quickly spread through the camp by word of mouth.

King Rat Summary & Study Guide

What will he have to change about himself? Clavell doing what he does best; making history come to life with very interesting and entertaining fiction. Changi was set like a pearl on the eastern tip of Singapore Island, iridescent under the bowl of tropical skies.


It’s not for the faint of heart but very well done and worth your time. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I’ve read Shogun and Taipan, and thoug This book was apparently written by Clavell in six weeks during a screenwriters strike in He’s also known, but not that known. Rendering actual dialogue smoothly can be difficult. Wikipedia – King Rat film clavll It’s a fantastic character study written in such a flat, Hemingwayesque prose that it cracked me up for being so alike sometimes.


A film adaptation was released inthe first of several of Clavell’s novels to be so adapted. And then there was King. And yet, the book is mostly comedic — filled with the hopefu In King RatJames Clavell succeeds in doing what countless other authors usually fail at: That corruption goes high up kinv untouchable territory, and there’s little he can do about it except become complicit and loathe himself and others for it.

King Rat is a clash of personalities, a display of cynicism, lack of scruples and ability to adjust to any situation in the camp. Or maybe I’d be Grey, seething with jealousy, but unable to forfeit my high morality to sate my needs.

Regardless, it was a small thing that never detracted from how his story carried me along. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Review of James Clavell’s King Rat

Some are degraded and come close to losing their humanity, while others display levels of courage and compassion beyond expectations.

The next morning Marlowe goes to see his friend Mac who is recovering from Malaria in the hospital and finds out from him what part clwvell their radio is broken. It’s full of dudes lost without the structure and the social status that normal life usually provides and completely adrift, not knowing the faith of the free world during WWII.

The dirt, the starving, the dysentery, etc. As the rats beneath the camp break free and fight for supremacy, one always comes out on top — an all rounder rah strength and cunning but most importantly the one most adaptive to his environment. I recommended this novel to my teen son and then re-read it myself.

The King tells Marlowe that they will be going to the village the next night.