G. S. Khaparde Diary. December 4 Sunday. Bombay. In the morning, by the time I finished my prayer, Waman Rao Joshi came but went away soon to see. Khaparde’s Diary on Shirdi Sai Baba – Khaparde was a noted lawyer and political activist who lived during the time of Shirdi Sai Baba. He came. Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary – Om Sai Ram Dadasaheb Khaparde was a popular lawyer and political activist who was also a noted.

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However, in the case of this diary most of the matter can be turned into interesting matter by a proper historian or biographer taking up the same and piecing out the necessary parts from it and putting them into the biography or history that he is compiling. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo. Baba had adopted that course himself and had given Nishta and Saburi to his own Guru.

He was conversant with the chief books in both these languages on spiritual subjects, and as there was some leisure for him after perusing the daily newspapers, and chats with visitors, he studied those books.

Gadgi Bua, that is, a very poor saint, who was the owner of only a mud pot, had the ambition to build a grand edifice for charitable purposes and somehow destiny aided him in putting up a grand structure at Pandharpur. Dixit was an England returned M.

Upasani Baba was a very important person who came under the influence of Sai Baba and attained to great heights, and the facts of his biography are therefore of very great importance in understanding him and his history as also the way in which Baba dealt with him. It is not Gadgi Bua that Baba was abusing foully, but he was cursing away and driving away the bad fortune that hampered the progress of his work. One particular day a year before Baba took Samadhi, after the Afternoon Aarti, Prasad offerings brought by about devotees were kept in Plates.

His heart was engrossed too much with the world. Baba’s powers were immense. Lakshmi Khaparde Sons of G. He was in the Masjid.

He gives him a Pisgah sight of that promised land. Khaparde’s prema more than Mr. So he went to Shirdi and came to Baba. Yet with all these inducements, Khaparde in great anxiety, like his own relations, went away from Shirdi to amass wealth and fame and keep to his political, social and legal position or dlary.


Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G S KHAPARDE -Shirdi Sai online books

Why don’t you take rest? Khaparde went to Shirdi for the first time on 5th December and met Sai Baba. To Baba nothing is hopeless. This throws light khapared the hard words used on the 18th of January in the midst of which Baba said, ‘I have saved Balwant; I have saved Dada Saheb Khaparde whom the fakir wants to kill’.

At this distance of time, there is no difficulty whatever to interpret the above words. Usually, the devotee is not possessed of the necessary patience or ability. Khaparde does not attach any special meaning to the swearing and the use of harsh words on that day or on similar occasions on other days.

Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary

We see that Khaparde went to Baba not at all for spiritual improvement but merely to seek protection from Government persecution and prosecution which none but Sai could give. He was undoubtedly a great religious scholar and one who could perceive the greatness of Baba. Tilak was far more advanced in his religious studies than Khaparde and Tilak’s Gita Rahasya is highly valued and Baba himself showed his regard for it by asking one of his devotees who had that book in hand to go on reading it.

The next day, even in the act of writing letters, Khaparde went to sleep. One Haripant of Diar also met us. Work on Tilak’s lines had to end. Yet what did Baba do? No doubt the ore is valuable and no part of it is usually thrown away till it is subjected to the proper chemical process for extraction of the precious metal.

He went on reading Parama Amrita, an excellent and exhaustive treatise on spiritual topics in Marathi and Panchadasi in Sanskrit, the latter both he and Baba labelled as ‘our treasure house of information’. Diarj doubt he has made a fairly good advance in religion as understood by him.


G. S. Khaparde – Wikipedia

This Paramananda or enjoyment, not based upon externals, was brought home to the mind of Khaparde by numerous yogic glances already referred to. A careful reader of his diary might light upon the other points not mentioned here, that is, points in which Sai Baba analysed his character and promoted the chance of his reaching a high spiritual state and reaching God or Satchidananda.

Dinesh Yashwant Khaparde on 23rd April This undoubtedly added to the glamour and prestige of Baba’s durbar. Evidently it was after the official files regarding Khaparde’s prosecution were sent to the record room to be lodged that Baba allowed Khaparde to return to Amaravati. Pradhan’s ‘Glimpses of Indian Spirituality’, decades after he had left Shirdi, he writes that Baba came very near to his idea of God, not that Baba was God to him. Khaparde also was an active politician, lawyer, and an England returned Congressman, who had retreated to Shirdi and stayed there though not with a view to making spiritual advance, but mainly with a view to escape from the Governmental claws, when that British Government was trying to clutch at his throat.

Two very important things about Khaparde are not found detailed in the diary, viz the facts of Mrs.

Dixit made considerable advance and, as Khaparde notes, turned over a new leaf, and there was calm visible on his face due to his internal peace. I met one or two young men, on the station staff who very kindly helped us with things. When this discussion was going on, G. Baba’s dealing with such a person on the spiritual side is highly interesting.

The reason is patent. Staying with Baba is the best stimulus and help for surrender and saburi patience. These are the exact opposites of Khaparde. The result is that he came to a gold mine like Sai Baba and took away very little of gold.