To enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals, this specification will define a set of APIs for Updates to the Original Java Specification Request ( JSR). The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. The Java Standardization Request (JSR ) defines a portlet specification, including a contract Enables interoperability among portlets and portals.

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If you were lucky and planned portleta this potential scenario in the beginning, you might have been able to limit your changes to the JSP and minimize the changes to the supporting classes.

The TCK will be managed by Sun and will be available to independent implementors with no requirements to also license or use the RI.

Configuring JSR portlets

Limit additional libraries that must be shipped with the application. Description A descriptive text about this security role. By abstracting the repository-specific code, we are able to keep the display and portlet classes unchanged, regardless of the source nsr the documents. We ultimately decided to avoid the user authorization problem entirely by just storing our configuration settings in a properties file.

Used in the xml: The transmission of the document contents to the client machine is portlete through a servlet, ContentServlet Listing Five.


Specifies the security role references. The downside to this solution is that every instance of the portlet within the portal shares the configuration settings. It is only shown in GUI tools. The ability to run on a variety of portal applications. A third possible enhancement deals with the configuration challenge mentioned previously. In this article, we examine a portlet that Wingspan Technology where we work developed and contributed to the open-source community.

This security role must be defined in the Web deployment descriptor.

Java Portlet Specification

Remote cache scope shared indicates that the remote cache is shared. Retrieved from ” https: There are no limits to the complexity of a portlet. It is now hosted on SourceForge, so feel free to download the code to try it out or contribute your own enhancements.

The Portlet Deployment Descriptor editor opens. By using this site, you porrtlets to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There portlete three main sections to the DocWay Published Folder portlet in terms of architecture:.

NOTE that this section has been updated since the original request. Short title A short version of the title that may be used for devices with limited display capabilities.

Some examples of portlet applications are e-mailweather reportsdiscussion forumsand news. Any portals using the older versions of Tomcat, including Pluto the reference implementationhave problems using the application session across web contexts.


Another challenge is the differences in portal architectures.

There are a couple of points to make about this JSP. Some provide the actual exception details message, source, and stack trace ; however, some just report a portlet-level exception as an internal server error with an HTTP porglets. Because this portlet could be on a page with countless other jdr, we need to ensure that any problems we encounter do not bubble up and crash the entire page or possibly the entire portal server.

Table 1 presents the results of an informal poll of portal popularity that was conducted by Punit Pandey http: Provide Administrators with a mechanism to specify the folder to display and connection information for Documentum. For example, a single portlet could act as the entire web interface for some legacy system. Portlet API Spec community draft: This caching mechanism is per-portlet, per-user client.

The PublishedFolder class implements the interface that the portal uses to communicate with the portlet, and controls the activation of the JSP file. Select a supported locale above and specify the portlet information for the selected locale.