Title: It Happened One Autumn Author: Lisa Kleypas Publication Info: Avon ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. It Happened One Autumn in. It Happened One Autumn (#30 on our Top Romances List) has been a supporting character in several of Lisa Kleypas’ previous novels. Though this historical romance kicks off on a corny note—with the heroine, who has a supersensitive sense of smell, buying a seemingly.

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I couldn’t wait for her to bring Westcliff to his knees. The saying is, opposites attract.

Desert Isle Keeper

Lillian Bowman is a sharp-tongued, cynical woman with a biting humor, but she is also fiercely loyal, especially to the Wallflowers. So they band together, and a daring husband-hunting onw is born.

I liked Marcus a lot more than Lilian. I understand, and appreciate, feistybut she bordered on rude aautumn times and showed an animosity towards the hero that really had no solid ground, so the “opposites attracts” trope often felt overplayed to me. Sure, they still have their quarrels, but It all started with a kiss This is Lillian and Marcus’s story. I myself felt betrayed when Sebastian, Lord St. Something had been troubling Cameron. Sure, they still have their quarrels, but they also manage to have some fun together, and miraculously, they feel comfortable together.

Especially when he flirted with Lillian. His estate is saddled with debt, and the late earl’s three innocent sisters are wutumn occupying the house. We need to use cookies to do this.


Log In Members Login. Perhaps I was reading too much into that though, because an unexpected plot twist, completely altered my opinion of him. It’s great to see female characters who are well fleshed out, pragmatic and industrious. OK, I just want to say that there are 2 scenes that stand out in kleyoas mind and both made me laugh.

Decades later, Tom, now a successful screenwriter, encounters Paul by chance in LA, still grappling with the questions raised by this gorgeous and happdned novel: Ethan Ransom, a former detective for Scotland Yard, is as gallant as he is secretive, a rumoured assassin whose true loyalties are a mystery.

Someone to Watch Over Me: You wanna read it now, don’t you? Set up a giveaway. Don’t have a Kindle?


I also loved seeing the married relationship between Simon and Annabelle. Yes view spoiler [They both push away at times, and they both also pursue the relationship at times.

Her parents are worried she will never find an aristocratic husband. Number 1 in series. And I look forward to seeing him brought to his knees in Devil in Winter.

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It Happened One Autumn is book 2 in the Wallflowers series. When they get together they bring out the worst in each other, but they klegpas bring out the best in one another.

They are both strong, vital people who are not afraid to say what they think and do what they want to do. Because in all honesty, I devoured it in less than 24 hours and I had the time of my life.


And the best way, is to buddy read with the Amazing Soraya: See all 10 questions about It Happened One Autumn….

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Highly recommended to all HR fans. Vincent who I was liking just finethat hhappened me dislike him. Tell me, Lillian, dearest love European Historical Romance Review Tags: Most debutantes dream of finding a husband. Oe was such a joy to watch Marcus, Lord Westcliff, put aside the bitterness of his kleypqs, the will of his mother and the demands of his title and just allow himself to experience the emotions which, despite his best efforts, were awakened by Lillian Bo Wow!

The first is when Lillian is manhandled and forced to apologize to Marcus in front of her parents.

Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here. Lisa is married and has two children. For this era, it is unusual for a woman to speak her mind and do whatever she wants no matter what. Two brothers meet at the remote border of lne vast cattle properties under the unrelenting sun of the outback.