Volume 2 in the ‘Dev and Lee’ series picks up five minutes after ‘Out of Position’ ends. Having come out to the world, Dev thought his trouble would be over, but. Isolation Play picks up five minutes after Out of Position ends. The events at the end of Out of Position have put Dev and Lee in an awkward position. The athletic . Isolation Play: F.A.Q.. Sequel? Um, what’s “Out of Position”? Here, I have an info page about it here. What’s the sequel called? Isolation Play. Will any of the.

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For the full review, please visit Reviews by Jessewave. Kyell Gold- Fiction. During a game against the Gateway Tornados, Dev is pushed over and cracks his ribs, but helps the Firebirds block a kick later on.

And I gols starting to relax. I was nervous about the reception Isolation Play would get.

Isolation Play: F.A.Q.

I have two more stories with Dev and Lee planned; hopefully they will be written. After they shoot, Dev realizes Ogleby has been giving izolation phone number to news reporters to help boost his isloation. Out of Position was far more popular than I could have imagined, and as with Waterwaysit was not long before people asked for a sequel. Having a long distance love is very hard as I know from experience.

These just do not make up for the taxing slog. With his friend K.

Most of the conflict feels like tedious drama, and is ultimately just a mere misunderstanding that could be resolved by two people sitting down and talking. Dev becomes frustrated because of the loss and Corey, the cougar that originally had his spot, is back and recovering from his injury fast. I love when books allow you to connect with the characters in a way that make you feel like you’re not just watching their story unfold, you’re experiencing life with them!


User Review – Flag as inappropriate i love this book and the first one to there amazing. Gerrard is reduced to the one note of “Just play better” and is otherwise stoic and tight lipped. I started getting a bit bored in the middle of this one, the plot was convoluted and slow — the entire book takes place in less than a month and after awhile, I just wanted things to be happening and move along.

I felt that because the things that Dev and Lee have gone through, they have been given a chance to do one of two things: Mar 17, Kashii rated it really liked it.

After working out, Gerrard a coyoteinvites Dev and Lee to his house to watch some football games. Beyond that, I’m not saying. I’m now eagerly awaiting the next in the series!

Lee feels like he has no past and no friends without Dev and it’s only around the end of the book where he starts actually having his own social life, which starts in a very unhealthy way, I might add. Lee tells Dev about the phone call.

Lee confesses to having pushed the story to be published. Dev takes Lee to meet his parents during his time off. Out of Position 5 books. He loves to travel and dine out with his partner of many years, Kit Silver, and can be seen at furry conventions in California, around the country, bold abroad. As with the first book about Lee and Dev, the story is key.


: Isolation Play

I live in California with my husband Kit, and when I’m not writing, we like to go out to eat and watch movies. Dev gets a call from his mother and decides that he should introduce Lee isolatlon his parents.

Ogleby, Dev’s agent, sets Dev up to star in a TV commercial for a new sports brand underwear, which frustrates his teammates. After a phone call with Hal, Lee decides to khell Mikhail and end the drama once and for all.

When Dev returns home, he forces angry sex with Lee to vent out his frustrations. Dev and Lee are both in the sequel. The real world responses to Dev’s coming out are a nice touch, like Dev getting gay groupies, or having other gay people applaud him. Lee gets an email from a gay football player by the name of Vince King. During a game against Millenport, Fisher a tigergets his leg gored by a boar on the opposing team and both Fisher and Dev are removed from the game after a short tussle on the field.

Apr 16, Jerry rated it it was amazing Recommended to Jerry by: