Read about Indological Approach of Study of Modernization of Indian Tradition. Guide to Sociology Students. G. S. Ghurye and the Politics of Sociological Knowledge Naicker .. significance to a grand Indological conception of sacred, and indeed sacerdotal, values. scholars are like B.K. Sarkar, G.S. Ghurye, R.K. Mukherjee, K.M. Kapadia, Irawati Ghurye’s Indological Approach hovers around the study of Indian Culture.

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He did his PhD under the guidance of L. Hence, it is a subject of sociological interest.

Biography and Contribution to Indian Sociology. According to Ghurye hierarchy becomes the major consideration for deciding all these aforesaid variables. Indian society was seen as a set of rules, which every Hindu followed Cohn and Singer, Ignored the actual structure operating within villages highlighted by other scholars in terms of dominant caste, caste class nexus etc Views on Urbanisation Rejected Louis Wirth’s pessimistic view of urban growth in terms of excessive individualism.

Notes for UPSC: Indology (G S Ghurye)

Lord Shiva Jyotirlings all over the country 3. It basically implies the Division of Labour. Biography and Contribution to Sociology. As we see Indology is much older than sociology as independent discipline in India. Tribes Issues of Integration and Autonomy. In the past, urban centres were based on feudal indolgoy, which had demands for silk cloths, jewellery, metal artifacts, weapons etc. Thus, textual variety of ethnosociology that emerged in the late s marks a noticeable shift from the European a la Dumont to the American tradition of social anthropology.


Emphasised on order and change in society. Actually speaking it is the historical fact which is described in Sanskrit books. Agrarian social structure continued. An Indological and culturological approach has also been the hallmark of several sociologists.

Indological Approach of G.S.Ghurye

These chapters largely descriptive and consider caste as it was in the s. He made use of the literature of modern writers like Bankimchandra Chatterjee as well. Period of Ghuye summed up in manner at the outset and in the Vishnu purana at the end. Ghurye was initially influenced by the reality of diffusionist approach of British social anthropology but subsequently he switched on to the studies of Indian society from indological and anthropological perspectives.

Unknown May 10, at Agrarian Social Structure 2. Same occupation ghugye localized names Gujjar in Rajasthan, Yadav in UP and Gauda in Odisha all tend to cattle Caste concept has undergone dilution indologg diffusion over time.

The following three editions insology to deal with additional aspects of the subject matter, appeared inand respectively.

Skip to main content. It may also be viewed that Indological approach refers to the historical and comparative method based on Indian texts in the study of Indian society.

In modern times he talks about status of caste, he saw formation of caste associations as spreading of caste consciousness and he referred to it as. Caste entered India by invasion of Aryans who to maintain self-sufficiency, exclusivity divided among themselves different kinds of work. Cate was maintained by endogamy and hyper gamy there is a correspondence hs caste and Physical type or race.


Influenced by Hindu traditional ways, he rejected British policy of isolation. Vedic India and so on. Modernization of Indian Tradition. Indian value system preaches knowledge is supreme not material Money cannot give happiness, so modernity is not accepted due to common cultural values.

Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Caste System – Origin Theories. The texts basically included the classical ancient literature of ancient Indian society such as Vedas, Puranas, Manu Smriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and others.

The occupations have been fixed by heredity. Tribes find element of their religion in Hinduism. The studies based on texts have been conducted by many scholars, such as, BernettDavidFruzzetti and OslorInden and NicholasKhare, Murray, MarriottPocockEckGillDas and Nandi etc.

Indological Approach of

Social Reforms in Colonial rule. He was married to Sajubai of Vengurla, a town near Malwan. Ghurye studies caste system from a historical, comparative and integrative perspective; later he did comparative study for kinship in Indo- European cultures.