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Velociraptor nest discovered by Dr.

Their underbelly is a lighter beige color, which transitions to the darker hues the higher it goes up the body. We enjoy terrible movies, going for early-morning runs, and playing many different kinds of games with friends.

The second distinct subset of Velociraptor cloned by InGen, its creation date remains shrouded in mystery. Want to Read saving…. Rampage Edition Jurassic Park 2: Multiple clutches were kept near one another, and while the nest was left alone long enough for humans to encroach on its territory and steal two eggs, raptors clearly observed the theft and took great pains to safely return the eggs home once tracked down.

Velociraptor Nests (S/F) | Jurassic-Pedia

Affiliates Add us to your site! Both the males and females have piercing, veiny eyes with vertical pupils and nearly identical physical builds. They force her legs open and do as they please to her. Do you use social media?

Charlie deceased Charlie is a uniquely modified V. As such, Charlie also looks to Owen for guidance, but is confused over his place in the pack.

The stripes are almost black dark blue color, which have a iridescent sheen that gives off a lighter blue appearance.

Incredibly social, these animals are intelligent nnest cunning predators that will protect their pack at great lengths. Of course it is boringly unimaginative! Azog cannot even resist unless she proves herself as a hunter.


Raptor tribes collide in this fan art by Raph Lomotan Survivors? She continues her hunt and finds a small cave, in which are three baby raptors asleep in a nest. The male and female v. It’s not suitable for someone under 18 years of age. Kelline rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Dragons, centaurs, werewolves and more. By partaking of the extreme, in this case monsters, the desire of having sex with the alpha male or being the alpha male having sex is, Christie and I believe, sated to its fullest extent.

Velociraptor Nests (S/F)

This neest was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires. I hope Universal gives us more detail on what happened to Sorna, my going theory is based on the novels where the balance between carnivore and herbivore can cause an extinction event.

Asees and Alex are here for the last episode before the gang is back together in sunny Los Angeles for a week! Jurassic World View Results. Devrah rated it really liked it Aug 07, Your email address will not be published. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Velociraptors rely on their quick, quiet, and athletic maneuverability to get close to their prey before pouncing, gripping their preys face or neck with their mouth, and latching on to their chest and belly with their talons, tearing with their deadly sickle claws.

It’s not suitable for someone under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The cavemen treat her like a piece a meat. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. It is finally time to discuss the polarizing first Jurassic World: I just can’t look away. Charlie is a slimmer member of the raptor pack, identifiable by her light green color with dark green vertical stripes.


The largest difference between each sex is colour of their skin and eyes. If I recall, there is a mountain pack, a valley pack, and a forest pack.

Even though dinosaurs were what brought us to the fore of the short fiction erotic market, dragons will always be our favorite. These traits allowed her to not only take command of the pack of her peers, but to work with Owen, trusting him, and extending her familial circle to include him.

After that, Echo no longer vellciraptor leadership but still acted in her own interest at times. If I were to describe us both in a nutshell, I would basically say we were nice, quiet girls who have really warped imaginations.

Oct 06, Shantell Powell rated it it was ok. Is there anyone here that can Photoshop this to see how it will look? Delta deceased Delta is a uniquely modified V. The dinosaur has sex with her?! The popularity of our books tell Christie and me that people have fantasies vepociraptor getting railed by big, powerful, studly alpha males, or being the big, studly alpha male doing the railing.

Blue is the only one left.

in the velociraptor’s nest by Christie Sims

The cavemen treat her like a piece a meat. Very similar in build and looks to the v. She begins the story by washing off in a small stream, lamenting the fact that she has not captured any game. I wish all the raptors had these eyes, because I think it would make all raptors neest as scary as the first version.