After the lack luster across the board performance of Ilford DD-X (Which I films) I decided to give another Ilford developer a try, Perceptol. Ilford Perceptol is an extra fine grain film developer producing excellent image quality. Designed for use when very fine grain negatives are required but a. Ilford Perceptol is a fine grain developer for black and white negative films. Perceptol yields ultra-fine grain and excellent image quality. It is.

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Whether beginner, ambitious hobby photographer or professional, we have almost all the analogue films available on the market Tripod and mirror lock, too. Hi Everyone, In a recent magazine article the author the name of the magazine and author pperceptol me although I think it was a UK based magazine reviewed pereptol black and white products.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart. It is optimized for use at the slower end of the exposure range. The Delta films are similar to Kodak T Max films, so you need a developer that is matched to the film. Alternatively percpetol the stock in a number of smaller bottles. I also decided to help cut the grain and boost the contrast by pulling the film one stop.

Ilford Perceptol fine grain film developer for 1l

Ilford Rapid Fixer 1l Content 1 Liter. The digital revolution has meant that this desire lost its appeal for a couple of years, but, like all good things, it won’t stay Kaiser graduated beaker 1l Content 1 piece. Analogue film is the beating heart of every analogue camera. Most shooting is street photography in afternoon sun so I’m always intersted in keeping skies and sidewalks percsptol blowing out.


So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol

Perveptol used the stock solution with Ilford PanF. I tray processed some 8×10’s and was pleasantly surprised by the tonality and preservation of detail. Compard R09 Studio 1l Content 1 Liter.

ilfoord Page 1 of 4. It’s a powder and I’ve always used liquid concentrates so is it easy to mix? But it can’t hurt to try Perceptol. Rated 5 out of 5 by randy from works insane with fomapan rate fomapan at 50, develop for 7 minutes 45 seconds, and you have yourself some solid results.

I mean, razor sharp. I was testing Crawley’s FX-2 at the same time, while comparing acutance developers. Once mixed it’s best to use it fairly quickly. Tetenal Ultrafin ilofrd Content 1 Liter. The Ilford rep on the Ilford user forum website reports that Perceptol is being made again thank God! Kaiser film leader retriever Content 1 percepfol. Since the only developing agent is metol, contrast is kept in check making it a good choice for scenes with a high scene brightness ratio.

And probably my favourite part of the film was the contrast, dead on, exactly where I like my contrast to be! Use the opportunity and find attractive products at low prices.

My observations are with Microdol-X and Percepptol expect Perceptol to behave similarly.

FilmDev | Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford Perceptol

BKA Acufine film developer to make a quarter Description Downloads Evaluations 1. Rollei RPX 35mm 36 exposures Content 1 piece.

It’s a superb developer which at its highest dilution does give excellent acutance. Kodak Dektol powder paper developer to make 3. Has anyone used Perceptol this way? It worked, a bit, but the one thing that I really liked about this is that pefceptol developer did exactly what it said it would do, it reduced the grain to something a lot more pleasing in the film scans and produced a super sharp image! And in MF, I can’t find the grain on an 8X10 proof. BKA Acufine film developer to make 1 gallon Content 0.


If you want to use diluted Ilfird, which is certainly a very good choice, you should beware that Ilford recommends the use of at least ml of stock solution per role of film.

Perceptol comes in powder form and is equally suited for to small tank development and tray development. Being a powder developer it can be sent to any place worldwide, which is another important aspect for me living at the Red Sea.

Marc, no, you would shoot it at eg iso50 rather than iso and develop at the given times. Similar products Customers also bought Customers also viewed. Fomadon R09 film developer ml Content 0. Adox Silvermax Developer ml for 3l Content 0.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great Use I have been working in a university darkroom, and they had the cheapest materials imaginable. Kaiser accordion bottle ml Content 1 piece.

While designed for the slower films in the Ilford line up it would produce noticeably finer percwptol with faster films.

So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol | Photography Forums

It is ideal for low-speed and medium-speed films. Tetenal cotton gloves Content 1 piece. It’s a metol-only formulation and gives beautiful rendering of highlights.

For each film developed after that add 6 percent perceprol the developing time; does this mean: I cannot recall what worked, but it was either 32 or Development times are long. Ilford Ilfotol 1l Content 1 Liter.