how to draw basic shapes for Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Design. Sanskar sanskar bharti rangoli border basic shape – part-4 – K89 – YouTube Sanskar Bharti. – sanskar bharti rangoli basic shapes – K how to draw sanskar bharti rangoli design basic shapes – P39 Diwali Rangoli, Rangoli Designs. How to draw Sanskar bharati rangoli, colorful latest sanskar bharati ran.

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How to draw sanskar bharati rangoli by Satish Thavi – VideoZoos

You can give it your unique style by experimenting with colors and motifs drawn bhartj it. When you have already decorated the whole house then why to leave staircase? Sanskar bharti rangoli designs are colorful and greatly enhance the beauty of your home. Rangolis done in a white border with one more colour accompanying the design also look great. This symbol is frequently depicted in floor decorations.

Such as rangoli design, drawing, painting, craft, recipe and Hope you like this. This colourful rangoli ot is also called as sanskar bharti rangoli design or galicha rangoli or mandala also. Easy Sanskarbharti Rangoli Designs sanskarbharti rangoli design rangoli mahashivratri rangoli sanskarbharti rangoli design for mahashivratri flower Its festive time or a very special occasion and you want each sznskar every part of the house to get decorated.

15 Latest Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs With Images

Muggulu rangoli designs Read more. In Diwali rangolis are made at the centre and the corners are left colourless.

It is really eye pleasing with bright colors and stands out due to bold designs made with white rangoli. Rangolis patterns make active use of floral designs. To give it a fuller look try these meshed designs. Here’s a Tulsi Vivah special sankar bharti rangoli designs with colours by Shital Daga.


Rangolis are not meant for mere beautification of the house but are supposed to prevent We hope that these sanskar bharti rangoli designs made by using traditional motifs and vibrant colors are going to dazzle in your floor this festive season. Rangli beautiful symbol at the centre defines the goddess of power. Even with the help of simple decorative motifs one can draw exquisite rangoli design. The Sanskar Bharti Rangoli is the name given to a particular kind of rangoli design that is generally made in Maharashtra.

Here is a simple freehand diwali special flower rangoli design for Diwali. This vibrant peacock design full of colors is the perfect one to be made during celebration.

Latest Rangoli Design For diwali and Laxmi puja. Now a days some people use funnel to make the design. It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front of your house brings good luck apart from home decoration purpose. From science to the business she has a quite diverse educational background. Look here for the latest ho bharti rangoli designs. This rangoli is rectangular in shape and has round arts in it.

The outline of the flowers includes some more detailing that makes the design more comprehensive and complicated.

Smudged borders or dull colors can make even the most complicated of rangolis look bad. The peacock is generally made while painting or making rangoli because of its colourful look.


For making this type of rangoli, all five fingers of hand are used, so design turns out bit bold and looks very attractive. If you are searching for elongated rangoli design with traditional motifs then this can be a perfect pick. The rangoli is based on a basic rangoli shapes and designs tutorial I Latest Rangoli Design For Navratri and diwali. For readers who are looking for a quick rangoli design this one is supereasy.

Quick and easy sanskar bharti rangoli designs with colours for Diwali by Shital Daga Shital Daga 2 months ago. Get white rangoli here Really nice and colorful rangoli designs. It has many symbolic icons which are religious like swastika, Lord Ganesha, lotus flower, Lakshmi step, and many more. Naga symbols is associated with cure, life, rebirth and immortality. So make sure that you use good colors in your endeavor. On auspicious occasions we like to decorate each and every part of our house.

Even the simplest of all rangoli designs looks vibrant if you use the correct color combinations and keep your work neat and precise. A red and white rangoli looks exceptionally great. Here I am sharing some of my sanskar bharti rangoli designs I made on the occasion of diwali.

This rangoli is drawn by Satish Thavi’s student You can look for some fresh color combination and draw traditional motifs in it.

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