Building the Fairey Swordfish Mk.I Tamiya 1/48 scale. By Jose Angel García Martin Everybody knows the story of the battleship Bismarck sunken by one of those. Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Swordfish is available online at Squadron I decided to build my kit as a version that served with No. 1 Air Gunnery. Here is our book review of How To Build Tamiya’s Fairey Swordfish title.

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Wonderful model and really good videos. Tamiya Honda CB Police.

Tamiya 1/48 scale Fairey Swordfish Mk.I

Hoa finished detail painting and applied the fine decals, then added the bomb shackles and torpedo. Just to be sure I’ll keep my glasses on when I get close. The metal parts of the cockpit interior were painted RAF interior green, except the raised tread plates on the floor which were painted flat aluminum.

Building the Pocher Lamborghini Huracan, step by step, painting guide and tips.

Construction Having said that the kit is easy to build, I must confess to having a bit of trouble getting the wings attached properly. The number of parts and the apparent complexity is staggering, but once I got going, it was a relatively quick and easy build. Biplane models, especially this one with tamiua wings, cry out for a “paint as you build” assembly method.

The word “wimpy” was also applied with swordcish gel pen. Using Tom Cleaver’s article on the Aircraft Resource Center web site as a guide, I removed the starboard wing light, sanded the ribbing off a portion of the lower wings the Mk. How to build an acrylic-rod display.

Tamiya’s Swordfish kit is an eye- popper.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. I sent an E-mail to him and he kindly sent me pictures and larger resolution scale drawings. Tamiya’s Swordfish is a highly detailed kit in the style and quality that we have come to expect from this manufacturer. Very nice Swordfish – I have one in my stash but am a bit daunted by that rigging taiya you make it look so easy.


By Klaus Raddatz Spray booth design and fan selection. Took 2 weeks, finally I was able to lay the builld coats. By Jose Antonio Solbes How to paint with lacquers.

Tamiya 1/48 scale Fairey Swordfish Mk.I | Finescale Modeler Magazine

BTWanyone care to explain why that black splatter in the beginning of the video occurred? The Swordfish is best known for its bombing and torpedo raids on the Italian fleet at Taranto and the crippling of the German battleship Bismarck. Tamiya did a great job engineering and molding this kit, and I had a great time building it.

Those PE parts have glue already, they are self-adhesive, although I had to CA all of them except the instrument panel. The ventral rear-fuselage panel in step 8 is a tricky fit to the base of the rudder, so take your time. The torpedo assembly needs care with the props and rudder, and the torpedo crutch is delicate.

COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Learning to paint figures step by step. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Posted August 19 edited. Optional parts for this feature mean that you’ll need to decide which way you want it before you reach step 12 in the instructions. Sign in Already have an account? This article aims at offering my view about this kit construction, adding some improvements I considered necessary so bbuild to make a worthy scale model. I took advantage of faireg work and presented it in a contest that took place in Campinas city.


The paint and decals were added prior to attaching the wings to the fuselage. Extras I made a number of minor modifications to convert the kit to a Mk. They look good for the kind of visibility they will have. Towards the end when you add the PE dials are you using CA glue? It was at a modelers meeting when he received a homage and the joke consisted of letting him know the arduous remodeling and restoration work he would have with this rusted Mustang.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. To add insult to injury, the PE bracing on the inner strut popped out with a definite “twang” and sat there dangling from the upper wing. Thank you so much for all the feedback and support, really appreciate it! I will have to make another rusted model for me.

From that moment on, my affair with which, I swwordfish is the best scale car kit ever produced, began. This is the key question for this model, and the answer is NO.

Takom Bergepanther Ausf A. The torpedo was painted scale black with a copper nose similar to the Mk. Back to HyperScale Main Page.

The yellow fuselage markings were tmaiya and then masked prior to adding the camouflage. Once I regained my composure the problem was fixed without too much difficulty using CA glue and mini clamps. The nose art was produced by hand.