Dua E Hizbul Bahr – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Basha’ir Al Khairat – Arabic Text. Uploaded by. TAQWA (Singapore). HIZBUL BAHR. THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah. For Protection against any harm, Jinn, Sihr, enemies, evil effects, and for. Nov 17, Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the sea. Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the Sea- Arabic-English-Transliteration-Imam Shadhili.

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Best places for reading hizbul bahr. War zuqna fa-innaka khayr-ruraa ziqeen.

Yet, they do not take heed. Ha Meem ‘Ain Seen Qaaf, himayatuna. May [God] bless our walls. If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city.

Hizb al-BaHr :: Hizb ul BaHr :: Litany of the Sea :: Audio :: Text :: Translation |

I am seeking bahf to recite hizb ul bahr. Anonymous 15 January at Yet they do not believe. Reciting ‘Ha Mim’ 7 times. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Sajad Ali 15 January at He has released the two seas that meet; Yet between them is a barrier [barzakh] that they do not overpass.


The Shadhilis have always taught spiritual heights can only be reached by rigorous application of the Shariah. No god is there except Him.

Surely thou art one of those sent on hizbb straight path! Ya allahu ya allahu ya allahu ya aliyou ya azeemu ya haleemu ya aleemu anta rabbi wailmuqa hasbi fanimal rabbu rabbi wanimal hasbu hasbi tansuru man tashau wa antal azeezur raheem allahumma inna nasaluqal ismata fil haraqati wasaqanati walqalimati.

Hizb al Bahr – The Litany of the Sea – Download | Sufi Books of Broken Hill

Wa sakh-khir lana kulla bahrin huwa laka fil ardi was-samaa-i wal mulki wal malakut. The triumph has come. Help us, for Thou art the best of helpers. Than start your reading for that day, every day of the course you have to repeat the same way.

The power is on the Word Bimillah and its secrets please see my article; Be a companion for us on our journey, and a substitute for our households.


Hizbul Bahr

Hizb ul Bahr – Litany of the Sea. The Christian related that to the shaykh, and he [the Christian] converted to Hhizb. He was told, “You are not of them until you enter their religion: I am actually a mureed of some one too and have also asked him for the permission adn he gave me the permission too. Ta’ sin, ha’ mim, ‘ayn sin qaf.

Hizb al Bahr – The Litany of the Sea – Download

Posted by Sajad Ali at So find for us a Nile vessel hizzb which to make the journey by way of Upper Egypt: If We willed, We should transform them where they stand. As for one of its Sufic application and usage: May their faces be deformed! Visions of Reality Books Pages: A shaabun naari humfiha khalidoon.