But once that hairball comes out – Kat starts to discover what real rage is. Excerpt from Wilderness Tips – by Margaret Atwood, “Hairball”. Margaret Atwood’s short story Hairball by ryan_kipp in Topics > Books – Fiction and margaret atwood short stories hairball short story canadian. The author uses Hairball as a symbol to highlight how Kat’s personality Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale The Historical Notes are important in the way.

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Reading an excerpt from the story:. Primary Source Wilderness Tips. She has gone from being Katherine to Kath to Kat, to Hairbxll, to being “temporarily without a name. Not in an overt way. She calls him Ger. It looks like a huge hairball, and has fully formed teeth stuck to it. However, the story opens with an event which cannot be given a cynical twist, even by Kat.

EAE 4UU – SHORT STORY UNIT: Margaret Atwood’s “Hairball”

I had to do this presentation on Margaret Atwood, and I chose to concentrate on her portrayal of female characters, by looking at her short story, Hairball. But I want to concentrate only on the last two stanzas:. When she ran away to England, she sliced herself down to Kat. The photo, rather than revealing the woman, conceals her. This poem is very feminist: You are commenting using your WordPress. She has no earnestness and she scorns sincerity.


Is it possible that you can list some literary devices that Atwood used in Hairball? The implications, even when not consciously acknowledged, may be profound. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

It’s a negation of him. As Katherine she was a nice and innocent person, but she continuously kept on making her name shorter until it became Kat. She likes to believe that she built Ger up, and shaped him up into the man he is now.

Project MUSE – Hairball Speaks: Margaret Atwood and the Narrative Legacy of the Female Grotesque

Kat shortened Gerald into Ger, eventually causing him to become a different person that is cruel and takes Kat’s job. The English men were very competitive; they liked to win. The shortening of Kat’s name contributes to the meaning of “Hairball” as a whole, because it shows that Kat loses more and more of herself as her name gets shorter, and eventually leaving her with no name and blank state.

These were two of the adventures haiirball my professional life. Kat originally changed her name from Katherine to Kathy to Kat; ” During her childhood she was romanticized Katherine By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

She likes the thought that it will shock people.

She has had two abortions and “learned to say that she didn’t want children anyway. Newer Post Older Post Home. We learn that Kat’s relationship with her married lover is going sour, that he will replace her as creative director at work.


Place Published New York. Soon she would be thirty, and all she could see ahead was more of the same.

Twice she had abortions, because the men in question were not up for the alternative. Thank you so much.

It is difficult to say where precisely, or to say how large or how small I am: The piece shows how women may subvert their own needs and best interests by the way in which they interact with men.

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Margaret Atwood and Hairball

By high school she’d shred the frills and emerged as a bouncy, round-faced Kathy. That’s a chocolate bar. She was in a class of her own. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Contact Contact Us Help.

The question hairbapl how the disorder inscribed in the female body should be read—what order, exactly, is being disrupted?