Resample PDF with GhostScript. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Ghostscript supports output to a variety of image file formats and is widely used for A collection of such formats (‘output devices’ in Ghostscript. I was trying to reduce the size of pdfs whilst ensuring that they met a certain dpi or ppi for my thesis. Reducing size of pdf with ghostscript.

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The default is black and no strokewidth. The polyline and polygon primitives require three or more points to define their perimeters. If the aspect ratio of the input rrsample isn’t exactly 4: If another -draw option appears, the current affine matrix is reinitialized from the initial affine matrix.

This will then reduce the number of colors added to an image to just the colors being directly drawn.

Convert PDFs to TIF Files

But a ‘mathematical’ intensity method depends on the current colorspace the image is currently using. A point primitive is specified by a single point in the pixel plane, that is, by an ordered pair of integer coordinates, xy. After the spotcmyk device produces the binary data files, the files are read and PCX format versions of these files are created with “. Floodfill recolors any pixel that matches thostscript color of the target pixel and is a neighbor, whereas filltoborder recolors any neighbor pixel that is not the border color.


All the channels that are present in an image can be specified using the ghodtscript channel type All. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Specify the amount of colorization as a percentage. The default gravity for the -page option is NorthWesti. This is used by the Windows clients to set the display device resolution to the Windows display logical resolution. The larger the Radius the slower the operation is. This can be rrsample either for ‘super-sampling’ the image for a higher quality result, or for panning and zooming around the ghostscripr with appropriate viewport changes, or post-distort cropping and resizing. Options specific to particular file formats are described in their respective sections below.

Details of Ghostscript Output Devices

It is not currently recommended for the faint of heart. When a program reading a PNG file does not support alpha transparency, the PNG library converts the image using either a background color if supplied by the program or the bKGD chunk. Generally resulting in ‘color banding’ effects in areas with color gradients.

These suppress interactive prompts and enable some security checks on the file to be run. This option is ghosttscript by default. Any empty space will be filled with the -background color.


The values Xdegrees and Ydegrees control the shears applied to the text, while t x and t y are offsets that give the location of the text relative any -gravity setting and defaults to the upper left corner of the image.

Choose the argument type from the list below. Note that this a color reduction option. If the translation coefficients t x and t y are omitted they default to ghosyscript. Refer to MIFF for a description of the image class. While the code used has many quality tuning options, none of these are currently exposed.

To illustrate how ImageMagick utilizes resource limits, consider a typical image resource request. If sigma is not given it defaults to 1.

The arguments is a single string containing a list of floating point numbers separated by commas or spaces. Note that Photoshop stores and obtains image resolution from a proprietary embedded profile. Also as the maps are simple threshold levels, the halftone and circle ghostscripy will create incomplete circles along the edges of a colored area.

If the x and y offsets are present, a single image is generated, consisting of the pixels from the cropping region.

See also the -distort operator and specifically the ‘ ScaleRotateTranslate ‘ distort method.