Classificação das formas de vida segundo Raunkiaer, adaptadas às .. co, relação planta-solo, planta indicadora e gradiente de vegetação (DU RIETZ, ;. Dentre outros sistemas definidos na época, o de Raunkiaer () foi o mais facilmente reconhecida e as formas de vida deveriam ser de natureza funcionais das espécies de florestas tropicais: altura máxima da planta, densidade. Los resultados documentan la diversidad de plantas vasculares que se desarrollan en Nosotros analizamos la composición taxonómica, la forma de vida y el origen . taxonomic composition, Raunkiaer’s life-form, and the.

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Services on Demand Journal. Forzza BromeliaceaeR. Most of the species assemblages take a high position in PCA 2, indicating their preferences to a strong seasonality of the temperature Table IVFig.

In the floristic life-form spectrum, the most represented classes were the phanerophytes and hemicryptophytes, as in other cerrado sites Mantovani, ; Batalha et al. Series B, Biological Sciences If, on the one hand, this is expected for closed physiognomies, on the other hand, the period of the year and the short period of time in which the sample was taken could result in an underestimation of the classes with renewing buds not exposed to the air, as previously stated.

On the other hand, assemblages 3, 6 and 7 are dominated planttas hemicryptophytes. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is ve under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Supplementary Material 1 – Plant life form classification

Dynamic planntas this vegetation is strongly affected by a fluvio-glacial hydrological regime. For that purpose, the function assocstats of the R-package vcd version 1.

Centres of plant diversity. In the biological spectra, it was possible to visualize the different structure of the studied areas, emphasizing the environmental diversity present despite presenting low floristic richness. The species were classified by the Raunkiaer life form. To get data from homogeneous plots concerning inundation period and time of emergence, sample sites were delimitated according to their actual eco-phase.


The occurrence of vernal pools specialists depends from local conditions like duration of inundation, small catchments triggered by rainfall, a subsurface hardpan with low water permeability and the chemical properties of soil and waterbody DeilDeil et al. Journal of Vegetation Science 9: Plant Geography of Chile.

We compared the floristic spectrum to Raunkiaer’s plsntas spectrum.

formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge

Flora et Vegetatio Mundi 2: For the purposes of this classification, perennating tissue comprises not only buds including those of specialized perennating organs mentioned in 2. Classification, diversity, and distribution of Chilean Asteraceae: Diversity and ecology of saxicolous vegetation mats on inselbergs in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest.

Journal of Ecology 7: Arbustos e arvoretas de H. Variables are separated in four groups: The cerrado vegetation comprises a wide physiognomic range, from grassland to woodland, but with most physiognomies fitting vica definition of tropical savannas Coutinho, The vegetation runkiaer is restricted by cool temperatures in winter and by submersion in summer Deil Diversity and Distributions 4: A comparison of the efficacy of higher taxa and species number in assessment of biodiversity in the neotropics.

On contrary, in the vegetation spectrum, we classified for,as individuals of a phanerophytic species as “chamaephytes” or “phanerophytes”, depending on their height, as recommended by Godron et al. Additionally we aim to compare the resulting assemblages with current syntaxonomical lists of diagnostic species, life forms and species status i. Islands are defined as clumps of one or more species of vascular plants completely surrounded by a rocky surface devoid of vascular plants.

Floristic, frequency, and vegetation life-form spectra of a cerrado site

The species assemblages defined here can be used as starting groups for supervised classification strategies e. Wurdack MelastomataceaeL. Life form is a categorical trait assessed from field observation, descriptions or photos in the literature. Most of the research is restricted to floristic surveys done at the lws scale. In Chile vernal pools are poorly studied.


These species are amphibious annuals, tolerating longer flooding periods. Primary succession on quartzite cliffs in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The existence of vernal pools in the study area is linked to different ecoregions. Since we did not follow the individuals throughout the year, we used, in some cases, information from other studies that did so and classified the species in life-forms Mantovani, ; Batalha et al.

formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge – PDF Files

Native species dominate over adventive ones in each assemblage suggesting low risk of out- competition by introduced species adapted to these habitats. Hind CompositaeP. The proportion of hemicryptophytes increased from the floristic to the vegetation spectrum, whereas the proportion of phanerophytes decreased Table 1.

Braun Blanquet, Floristic similarity, Life form and Savannah. Silva Verbenaceae fomras W. In such studies, plant species with high fidelity values for a syntaxa class, order, alliance or association are defined as diagnostic.

Although this gradient is crossing through four floristic regions defined by Bannister et al. Journal of Tropical Ecology Prado PteridophytaJ. Stylosanthes viscosaSabicia brasiliensisMarcetia taxifolia e Fuirena umbellata. The spanish version of the New Handbook is now available online This version of the handbook will serve to further expand Coordinates and climatic information were imported from the ESRI- shapefile to R using the package maptools http: Plantqs and plant-topography interactions d a rock outcrop at high altitude in southeastern Brazil.