Renegades and Milita are up on the Last Chance to Buy! That is a sad one as there is some iconic miniatures that are going to go bye bye with. Forge World announced the Imperial Armour Index: Astra Millitarum, and it included the full updated Renegades and Heretics army list. Forge World – Chaos Renegades, all miniatures Forge World (). Battlefleet Gothic (38) Renegade Militia Icons and Assault Weapons · Cool? i have.

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Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Renegades And Heretics(8E)

Not to mention the lower AP. Published by Matt Crowther. Punchy, durable and bringing yet another source of Leadership shredding nastiness to Chaos’ extensive arsenal. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

For when you don’t want the enemy to get closer to you, but you want to get close to them. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia Icons and Assault weapons conversion set.

FW: Chaos Renegades Getting The Axe With Last Chance To Buy – Bell of Lost Souls

In addition, we pay the same price for our infantry equivalents, except they have worse BS, worse armor save, variable leadership, and no orders. Renegaddes on low accuracy units so all of your troops choices. Should be your go to special weapon for general use. Brand new set in blister packaging. If you can, try to run Vulgrar and Co.


Good for adding extra umph to some Disciples, but takes the spot of your long range anti tank options, which are limited for infantry already. Skulls are good replacements if you have a few spares. Deep striking terminators or assault marines can come from anywhere 9 inches away, so keep your models bubble wrapped or make sure that your tanks have infantry models every 7 inches or so to act as a no deepstrike bubble.

Even better since Chapter Approved gave them a discount. AP-3 on the charge. Some people find it appalling, but to everyone their own. Competes with the Grenade Launcher for best weapon for Militia. Notify me of new comments via email. Keep them out of the line of fire, but they can score a few choice hits in melee and make quite a difference if given the opportunity.

It’s free, and they’re identical so it’s up to style how you model your dudes. See each listing for international postage options and costs. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Used primarily for throwing around a free shot in the shooting phase for your special dudes in CC, but the additional range makes it nice for taking shots before a charge, too. Can be taken by lots of individual models as well as Mutants and Marauders. Glitchlings are resistant to being shot, Mites are very fast, Eyestingers are both and Vox-shamblers have their deep strike stratagem.


Now you’re just a bunch of murderhobos who raided a Munitorum vehicle cache and worship the Pantheon out of Chaos Renegade Militia Conversion Set.

Renegades and Heretics Last Chance to Buy – Sprues & Brews

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No longer can your poor doomed fucks be a marauding PDF force led by a nutjob general, a chaos doom-cult uprising on the move, an abhuman renegsdes protest party or a misguided mini-revolution of unwashed masses. Str4 is okay, but you aren’t going to see as many hits as you would like with this weapon.

Forgeworld Renegade

Good for close range Tank and MC hunters, but overkill for killing Heavy infantry. If you want to supplement your disciple squads the Bolter is a better option. In addition all of our units are now balanced enough that they don’t need insane customization options to be viable.