In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murd. With this grin-on-your-face, hair-streaming-in-the-wind joyride of a novel, Enoch ( England’s Perfect Hero) takes a confident leap from historical. Playing With Fire Will Get A Girl burned The Palm Beach job should have been a slam dunk for thief extraordinaire Samantha Jellicoe: relieve a British.

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Palm Beach, Florida United States. Jun 27, Samantha rated it did not like it Shelves: I loved seeing them verbally spar while trying to figure out each other’s motives and truths.

I mean, let’s be honest, most billionaires are too busy doing their own thing to work out and look like a soccer player, for realz GUYS!

As she glanced again at Addison, she dagner that the restraint lessons would come in especially handy. Quite frankly, even though, Ms. Enjoyable light romantic mystery caper.

Flirting With Danger

dangerr I loves it and Richard almost as good as Roarke, almost I said because he is not geek and because of her thief minds somehow Samantha sound the clever one but of course with his money is easy for Richard to become a supportive hero: She deserved that, she supposed, and let the comment pass. The guy’s name is Rick and her name is Samantha. Return to Book Page. Books by Suzanne Enoch.

And I usually find the heroes disturbing. Samantha has no problem owning up to being a thief, but a murderer she is not and it looks like someone just tried to pin everything on her. And if she thinks she can hide from him, she better think again. Sam and Richard then form an uneasy alliance to help each other.

I danter him to be charming, and even though she was a runner, she acted pretty maturely and didn’t do a bunch of stupid things that always seem to happen in books like this. Tom looked skeptical, but Richard suspected she was telling the truth. She’s the burglar who save his life and then they have to work together to figure out who and why.


Flirting with Danger — All About Romance

Smirking at the lawyer, Sam sat back. Basically I believe that Eve and Roarke exist in my head because for some reason the author makes it plausible, however ridiculous it is on paper, and Enochh just had a hard time believing this one. Sam and Rick deserve better! Wwith though I’d read this book almost a decade ago, I felt like I was reading the book for the very first time. With what sounded like a suppressed chuckle, Addison leaned down to retrieve another ice-cold bottle and hand it to her.

While there she discovers a trip wire set by someone else. Rick sigh, had a boyfriend named Rick once, still love the name Addison is smoking hot, forceful but not tooperceptive, charming, British and did I say hot? This is the honor system people. Aug 02, Caroline rated it it was amazing. At least she hadn’t panicked and tried to belt a near-naked woman for sneaking up behind her.

Refreshingly, Enoch makes no excuses for Sam’s shady career choice or Richard’s business ruthlessness, relying on the characters to create their own sympathy, and while Sam flirtiny Richard take tentative steps toward a real relationship, Enoch’s surefootedness is apparent on every page. Buddy read with Karen!

She was kick ass! If you’ve ever read any of the In Death series books by J. The sight of a herd of news cameras loping in their direction made her yelp. And since all I have is your first name, you may as well call me Rick. Jun 20, Steve rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Instead of completing the job, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed and she saves the sexy and very present owner.


Flirting With Danger (Samantha Jellicoe, book 1) by Suzanne Enoch

Refresh and try again. The story begins with her robbing his mansion and finding a bomb while doing so. I found this fliritng impossible to put down.

On to the next one! His daughter was riding in a limousine with an attorney and one of the wealthiest men in the world. Lists with This Book. Not only did he just have his gallery blown up-with him about to enter fkirting the woman who rescued him didn’t stick around to offer any explanations. I know you gave them a dqnger of me, because Witb heard it on the news. I was thinking more along the lines of a phone call or two — not inviting the fox back to the henhouse.

Lightly modeled on To Catch a Thiefthis tale wiyh with Samantha Jellicoe, cat burglar extraordinaire, breaking into the Palm Beach mansion of fabulously wealthy businessman Richard Addison, then saving Richard’s life when a bomb is triggered halfway through her heist. Everybody needs some inspiration, after all. There is romance and sex. Lady Rogue hit the shelves in March of Her freedom and her life were her responsibility. And, just to give a historical romance fan like me a shout out, view spoiler [Richard Addison has a title — he’s the Marquis of Rawley!!!

It would be something to look forward to.

It’s not easy to go legit, and the past is the past, it can’t just be swept under the rug willy-nilly. It was more mystery than suspense.