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It is becoming more and more individualized; a change brought about by the introduction of scores of programmed instruction courses and a few audiovisual courses.

Comment c déroule la grève de carmeau

What do I already know about this? Remember, you are studying in order to meet these standards. Be recommended for advancement by the commanding officer. Many of these will be multimedia packages. The substitution of another potato recipe, such as mashed potatoes, is not acceptable. The Manager’s Guide states that great latitude exists in the format for required records; however, the minimum items that must be maintained for monitoring progress are as follows: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Serving of food on the serving line Maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation of the spaces and equipment Operation of the scullery and the handling and disposal of food wastes Loading and unloading supplies for the general mess In addition, foodservice attendants may be detailed to work in the vegetable preparation room and to wash cooking and baking utensils in the galley and bakeshop Detail of Enlisted Members.

Note that the words apprentice and apprenticeship in civilian programs are not the same as the apprentice associated with paygrade E Leading Mess Management Specialist The leading Mess Management Specialist will neither have custody of, nor control over, the original records of food items received in the general mess, nor will the leading MS prepare public vouchers or general mess returns.


Both classroom training and practical application of subject matter are emphasized through instruc- tion in the following subjects: As you study, relate the information in the training manual to the knowledge you already have. The board establishes its own admini- strative procedures and minimum selection criteria that all members use in screening the records of candidates. As the person in charge of the general mess, you should make it a matter of pride to have a low record of spoilage and leftovers.

Remember this when you are planning the menu and when you assign personnel to specific jobs.


fihe Store food items properly so that there is no loss from spoilage or insect infestation. The better supervisor makes a practice of knowing as much as possible about each worker, of really concentrating on what the worker is doing, and of being aware of the manner in which the work is being done.

The custodian adetts not record the combina- tion anywhere other than on the paper turned in to the accountable officer or disclose the combina- tion to any person. Operation of the general mess, including the preparation and service of food 2. You will probably find it helpful to take other courses as well as those based on mandatory manuals.

Trmae Standard

Storage Storage functions include the receipt, storage, inventory, and issue of material; the maintenance of related files, as required; and the cleanliness and upkeep of assigned storage spaces. Therefore, if you are to take advantage of the limited advancement opportunities, you must become familiar with the opportunities open to you, establish your career goals, and determine what steps you need to take to meet these goals.

The food service officer, in cooperation with the MSs, ensures that the general mess is at all times adequately supplied with food items in suf- ficient quantities to meet normal operating requirements.

The executive officer notifies the food service officer informally regarding the number of meals to be reserved for personnel on working parties or on special detail assignments. The board may or may not have any real authority, but in any case, it serves a worthwhile purpose. Order the day supply that you can properly handle, then fill any additional needs with whole frozen, or whole dried, powdered eggs. Navy Regulations,no person employed m the service adete a general mess will receive money or gifts from the members of the mess.


This quota is filled by the most qualified candidates competing for advancement. This funding allocation flows back to the Navy Food Service Systems Fice where the monetary ration allowance for the succeeding financial period is established and issued. This problem can be alleviated to some extent through participation in the Navy Campus degree completion program.

It is an impor- tant part of your PQS program. Responsibility for laundry and cleaning services for the quarters and mess. If emergency entry is necessary, the accountable officer may remove the combination from the envelope and enter the space with at least two witnesses. In many instances, it is the proper attention you give to the smallest detail that determines how successful your endeavors will be and the impact it will have upon those under your supervision.

In techniqud position of authority, you will have direct working relationships with the supply officer, food service officer, other supervisors, and subordinates. The original key must be in the possession of the person in charge of the space during working hours, after which it will be turned over to the duty petty officer to be placed in a general key locker in the supply office. The QPO must also be aware of the problems that face a trainee. A common misunderstanding regarding aders often causes Navy members to tecchnique interest in it.