The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe. The borders of fact and myth. By Stephen Howe; Friday 24 November Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter pp, Simon & Schuster, £ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe pp. And yet, Ilan Pappe unveils, one such crime has been erased from the global public memory: the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in But why is it.

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This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [did they repeated the methods of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, as what they claimed happened to them by swastika army where K Jews were in that Swastika Army? This book is a detailed accounting of the horrors that occurred – the forced evacuation of hundreds of villages, executions of villagers over 31 events are considered massacresblowing up houses or setting fire to them with the residents inside, military attacks on unarmed civilians – pure terror by the folks who loudly denounce terror.

I’ve been a recent convert to the Palestinian cause after watching footage of Israeli tanks and gunships in action against stone throwing youths. I could list atrocities, such as the massacre of Deir Yassin, which was pre-Maybut human details should be enough to portray the brutality of the Israeli ethnic cleansing.

I have known Palestinians who suffered life-scarring permanent disabilities at the hands of Israeli torturers, and know of the abuse of the Israeli racist state from those who have suffered the abuse.

Review: Palestine | The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine | The Iron Cage | Books | The Guardian

For the Palestinians it is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in [see Wikipedia for more http: Ben-Gurion’s public rhetoric about the dangers of annihilation or a second Holocaust, Pappe argues, was matched by private confidence about the outcome of an unequal fight.

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It is difficult to get through sometimes, both because of the massacres being described and because o This is a history of the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing at Israel’s founding that expelled close topeople, including villages and 11 urban neighborhoods.

I approach whatever I read with skepticism, and what I most enjoyed about this book was how its exhaustive referencing. The inability paleztine Israelis to acknowledge the trauma the Palestinians suffered stands out even more sharply when set against the way the Palestinian national narrative tells the story of the Nakba, a trauma they continue to live with to the present.

Possibly Stern gang representatives. Liberal Zionists’ Nakba denial and rejection of Fthnic right of return help make the strong cleansung that Zionism necessitated the Nakba. This conflict is obviously a hugely controversial subject, with a great deal of misinformation, ideology, and vicious ad hominem rhetoric poisoning most online review forums or discussions I’ve come across.


I have known innumerable Palestinians who are the descendants of refugees, and known refugees myself. I read a lot of non-fiction and histories in particular, and this did not come across to me at any level as inflated hype, but rather as extremely well-researched journalism based on documents from “both sides” of the issues discussed, including There is a bloc of humanity that will never read this book based on the title alone, and there is another bloc, that if they did read it, would immediately find great fault with it, assuming they didn’t just write it all off as pure fictional propaganda.

The BDS boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is a great way to make progress in this.

Pappe xvi This is important, of course, because Pappe lays out in his text how the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionists preceded the supposed attacks of all the neighboring Arab states upon poor defenseless Israel, etc. This is a violence that continues to be perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel against the Palestinian people up to the present.

Finally, it should be noted that the paleestine of this book was not to be balanced in what it reported but to use what pwppe reported to balance what others have reported. In sum, Pappe has created veracious source for future rhetorical discussions on the issue of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. The Partition Resolution was adopted on 29 Nov. After all, since Zionism is a drive for a Jewish majority in a land with an indigenous population, then it is very difficult to see how a Jewish state in Palestine could have been established WITHOUT ethnic cleansing!

It is true that Ilah settlers did act in many ways like French pieds noirs in Algeria or Brits in Rhodesia. Pappe’s Israel is the “last post-colonial European enclave in the Arab vleansing. Is there more that could have been reported in the book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And he writes about the Ayn al-Zaytun massacre when Zionists herded surrendering villagers into palestinne village center, shot men on their lists, and shot men ccleansing protested Also, this book is excellent for the discovery of methods of writing about history.

I approach whatever I read with skepticism, and what I most enjoyed about this book was how its The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine is a meticulously documented account of the campaign of the Jewish colonists in Palestine to forcibly expel the Arab population from the land now known as Israel.

Reading this book as an extremely painful journey, in a way that exceeds your worst nightmares. Carter implies that South African-type pariahdom will follow if the conflict is not justly and swiftly resolved – though that would have been a lot easier pqlestine achieve in The lesson of these books – and the drearily familiar cleanaing over Carter’s – is that in Israel and Palestine the past is still far from being another country.


These attempts to ‘Judaize’ all the lands claimed by Israel, and Zionists’ refusal to acknowledge their responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinian people, has consistently undermined attempts by the US empire and the United Nations to impose a peaceful settlement on the region. Ilan Pappe’s careful review of Israel’s treatment of Palestine’s native populations from the founding of the ‘Jewish State’ to the present exposes many of the falsehoods in the official historical narrative constructed by Zionism that pervades in the media and official rhetoric.

Aug 16, Sabrarf rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Americans should wake up to the reality of Israel, a county that is injustice institutionalized, a living example of everything the American civil rights movement was out to end. Return to Book Page. War is two-sided – no doubt about that, either. In fact, the United States cannot do enough to help the process as it continues to this day. It’s a mountain of evidence I’ve yet to see effectively refuted.

This would have political implications on an international scale, but also—perhaps far more critically—would trigger moral and existential repercussions for the Israeli Jewish psyche: Pappe, the revisionists’ revisionist, identifies that March meeting as the start of a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” – a term coined in Yugoslavia in the s but foreshadowed in Hebrew usage at the time. By May 15, when the British mandate ended and Israel declared its independence,Palestinians had already become refugees.

I tremendi resoconti della pulizia etnica non offuscarono mai la narrazione ufficiale e popolare israeliana, dato che vennero completamente cancellati.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Campo di rifugiati di Jaramana in Siria. Pappe is an Israeli and well qualified to write his new history and it is a history that will disturb.

Pappe ilsn issue with fellow scholar Benny Morris, pioneer of the “new” history that has supplanted the rose-tinted version of the birth of Israel in which intransigent Arabs were largely the authors of their own misfortune. Though sporadic, these early Jewish assaults were severe enough to cause the exodus of a substantial number of people almost 75, The Middle East Quarterly.