Ernest Francisco Fenollosa was an art historian, professor of philosophy and political economy, and curator of Asian art. He was the son of Manuel Fenollosa, . English: Ernest Francisco Fenollosa (February 18, – September 21, ) was an American professor of philosophy and political. This essay was practically finished by the late Ernest Fenollosa; I have done little more than remove a few repetitions and shape a few sentences. We have.

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Soon thereafter he met Ernest Fenollosa q. On pages 61, 64, 75, 76, 77, 78 I refer to the edition in the Square Dollar Series, he thrusts his random spear at logic that “has abused the language,” logic that “deals in abstractions,” logic that establishes “classifications.

Handwriting uses abbreviations, sometimes of generally accepted usage, sometimes personal to the writer. His reception by the Japanese academic establishment was therefore cool, and he was offered only the post of English-language instructor at the Imperial Normal School for trainee teachers.

As a devotee to the…. Lafcadio Hearn considered Fenollosa a friend; and Hearn almost believed that he visited the professor’s home too often.

It then occurred to some fussy scribe to add the three strokes that picture a roof and a side wall, so that a palace dieng might be distinctive. Pound subsequently finished Fenollosa’s work with the aid of Arthur Waleythe noted British sinologist.

Ernest Fenollosa | streetsofsalem

Contrariwise, their functions complement — the one to create, the other to record. That is why the Rohrschach tests are effective. What this all amounts to is simply that Chinese poetry was composed in a language, as all poetry must be. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

For the association of a fish, an eye, and a roof, can suggest different things to different people. Pound sacrifices this rather important precept for the sake of a pastoral where the seasons go winging by. We have already quoted Fenollosa’s remark that “a large number of the primitive Chinese characters are shorthand pictures of actions or processes. But the two-percent chance seems sufficient to keep the game going and the players happy. The results are exciting and unreal. Then the notion that Chinese poetry is overloaded with strong transitive verbs, and that its translation requires use of strong transitive verbs, is, to put it mildly, shot to hell.


So “the form of the Chinese transitive sentence, and of the English, exactly corresponds to this universal form of action in nature. Does the superiority of Pound’s translation lie in the end-productthe superior style and poetic quality of his English, or does it lie at the sourcea deeper penetration into the mind and art of the Chinese poet who furnishes the raw material for the translation?

Suppose there are two characters having the same meaning in current usage. Shipley Miller and J. American professor of philosophy and political economy. Undoubtedly it is bad translation. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that ednest can fully understand their context. I always attribute the images that I use in my blog; if you are going to copy them, please do so as well.

Fenolllosa assembling of twenty characters, however strong their perfume, does not make a Chinese poem.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Modern period influence on art market developments In art market: Within the limits of forty-four pages he gallops determinedly in various fenollisa, tilting at the unoffending windmills.

Fenollosa, Pound and the Chinese Character

Views Read Edit View history. He converted to Buddhism, but they did not appear to lead an ascetic lifestyle, if their house, their many western visitors and her dress! Only in rare combination can philologists double as poets, or poets as philologists.

Gift of Harvey S. Internet URLs are the best. During their time in Japan, Fenollosa also acquired a huge collection of traditional Japanese art, which he sold to Boston physician and philanthropist Charles Goddard Weld with the condition that it eventually be donated to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where it now feno,losa the Fenollosa-Weld Collection. We do find the dust-jacket proclaiming that “Pound’s translation Either the thought of “winging past” failed to materialize, or it was found impossible to work it into the context.


Pound has the practice, but not the learning. For anyone who grants that Chinese is a language, elaboration fenollos unnecessary.

Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Chinese

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Under his influence Okakura worked toward reeducating…. And this leads us naturally to an examination of the latter’s ideas.

erndst We do not suggest that these rigid conditions are ideal for the creation of poetry, but merely that such conditions were generally imposed on the T’ang poet. The ladies believed that the choice was determined according to how well the “descriptive allusions” or the “undercurrent of meaning” would enrich the “perfume” of the poem. Sometime later there came into the language a word for ‘flower’, hwawhether by dialect mixture or a sound shift we do not know. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

An important educator during the modernization of Japan during the Meiji EraFenollosa was an enthusiastic Orientalist who did much to preserve traditional Japanese art. Before his death he had completed a first draft of his two-volume masterpiece Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art but left many names of painters and temples incomplete.

A consideration of the last example will make clear why the approach of many westerners to Chinese is unrealistic. But, of course, if Chinese in its own structure relies heavily on strong transitive verbs, –and this has been fenolloea central theme, –then it makes more than usual demands on the translator so to represent it.

The combination that succeeds is then a combination of both. Chinese poetry, like any other, is to be sung, chanted, whispered, recited, muttered, but not God forbid! He took what he learned from Fenollosa fsnollosa the work of Hokusai—his ukiyo-e woodcuts—and began creating woodblock prints that incorporated both Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The second is theirs: