2/ LZN 91 Tools and Instruments 3 RBS Maintenance Manual all other Ericsson products using the product number to identify each product. The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. We have RBS DXUA BOE 14/1 R16B in stock. RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store. If you need more.

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The red indicator labelled Fault on an RU indicates the fault status of the unit. On One or more faults are localised in the DXU.

Ericsson RBS Series

Please enter 20 to characters to contact this supplier! I would like your verified suppliers matching service! Check connector erjcsson on the back of the RUs. Tighten any loose cables found, or replace them if necessary. Wait until the Local mode indicators on the TRUs are turned off. Put into operation A sub-RU normally does not have a processor.

It should not be written for occasional hardware failures. Use all the prescribed PPE while doing maintenance on an antenna tower. Refer to the chapter “Concluding Routines” for instructions on completing a repair delivery note. The RU “Environment” can be divided into two sub-groups: Do not apply excessive heat during eircsson. If you need 22002 information, pls directly contact us through online tool or other way you prefer to. Do not return the HL cable to Ericsson for replacement, repair or disposal.


Remove the four screws 2 on each side which hold the panel in front of the fan to the cabinet. If the voltage drops again to Do not return the TRU sub-rack to Ericsson for replacement, repair or disposal.

If the gain is too high, there is risk for blocking, a mobile close to BTS overtalks a mobile far away. Disable the Handover button in the Cell Selection menu. Ericson 3 and 4 1. Your message has been sent to the following suppliers. The External alarm indicator is located on the DXU.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

Possible reasons Probable cause is failed function change or connection of a unit lacking SW. New sub-boards can be taken from the spare part “Overvoltage arrester board” of the OVP box.

Check that the cable connector as well as the matching connector in the PSU is not burned or mechanically damaged. Write the trouble report as soon as possible, preferably at the RBS site. The loss of air flow from the fans during replacement can quickly cause other RUs to overheat. Loosen the screws from the connection field, lift it up, then remove the internal ESB connectors.

Remove the faulty ESB cable. Sign In Join Erifsson My airmaxssale. Remove the external ESB connectors on top of the connection field. If the ericssson, from which the PSU is being removed, has either internal or external battery backup, the DC cable will be live when disconnecting it from the PSU.


When changing antenna feeders, refer also to the chapter “Cable Connections”. The RBS can be set in local or remote mode.

In SW releases R7. Replace the sensor if it is suspected of being faulty. On A fault is localised in the TRU. Hazard Beryllium Oxide dust is created by chafing, filing or breakage.

PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM good condition BMR 960 013/1 R11A RBS 2202

Check for additional fault codes received in the OMT and proceed with the relevant instruction below: If supplied, the opto bus cables must have a bent radius of at least 35 mm. This fault is only valid for master or single cabinet.

Use the faulty ESB cable as a draw cord to set the new cable in place. The actions are not to be treated as instructions, rather they give helpful hints when the fault appears.

Change view mode to MO view. Should the answer ericsxon any of the questions be “no”, use the section “Correct Faults”. Use the BTS logs to localise the fault more precisely. Check connector pins on the back of the RUs in the extension cabinet. Attach the repair delivery note with a string to the antenna plug on the TRU. Replace the faulty PSU.