The 27th Status Report on EPIRA implementation covers the period May . Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws /. ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY REFORM ACT OF Project Management Consultancy of the Philippine WESM, and (2) Procurement and Installation of.

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The ERC may extend the period for the removal of cross subsidies for a maximum period of one 1 year upon finding that cessation of such mechanism would have a material adverse effect upon the public interest, particularly the residential end-user; or would have an immediate, irreparable, and adverse financial effect on distribution utility.

Provided, That, if upon the effectivity of this Act, the Commission has not been constituted and the new staffing pattern and plantilla positions have not been approved and filled-up, the current Board and existing personnel of ERB shall continue to hold office. The ERC shall, at the end of the first year of the implementation of stranded cost recovery and every year thereafter, conduct a review to determine whether there is under-recovery or over recovery and adjust true-up the level of stranded cost recovery charge accordingly.

Said fund shall be managed by NPC under existing arrangements; and e A charge to account for all forms of cross-subsidies for a period not exceeding three 3 years. Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys.

The administrative sanction that may be imposed by the ERC shall be without prejudice to the filing of a criminal action, if warranted. The Power Commission shall exist for period of ten 10 years from the effectivity of this Act and may be extended by a joint concurrent resolution.

The take over by a distribution utility of any subtransmission asset shall not cause a diminution of service and quality to the end-users. In case of any violation or noncompliance by any local government official of any provision thereof, the DILG shall, upon prior notice and hearing, order the project operator, through the DOE, to withhold the remittance of the royalty payment to the host community concerned pending completion of the investigation.

Provided, further, That in the event that such assets are required for competitive purposes, ownership of the same shall be transferred to the TRANSCO at a fair market price: The level of consumption and the rate shall be determined by the ERC after due notice and hearing. Powers and Duties of the Board. G To exercise such other powers and duties as may be vested in him by the Board from time to time.

To promote true market competition and prevent harmful monopoly and market power abuse, the ERC shall enforce the following safeguards:. Provided, further, That the ERC shall exert efforts to minimize price shocks in order to protect the consumers. Three, from to last six yearspower generation has expanded 1. To ensure the effective implementation of the reduction in cost of electricity in the communities where the source of energy is located, the mechanics and procedures prescribed in the Department of the Interior and Local Government DILG -DOE Circulars No.


Debts of Electric Cooperatives. The EPIRA organized the industry into four 4 sectors, generation, transmission, distribution and supply. The ERC shall, within sixty 60 days from the effectivity of this Act, promulgate the rules and regulations to implement philippjnes effect this provision.

Provided, finally, That in case of disagreement on the fair market price, the ERC shall determine the fair market value of the asset. Provided, however, That the ERC shall have exclusive authority covering the Grid Code and the pertinent rules and regulations it may issue. Any distribution utility that does not file within the date specified shall not be eligible for such recovery.

Unbundling of Rates and Functions. If the offender is an alien he may, in addition to the penalties prescribed, be deported without further proceedings after service of sentence.

However, the ERC shall, on January 1,reduce the maximum demand for the contestable market in Luzon to one megawatt 1MW for at least two 2 years and Seven hundred fifty kilowatts kW for the Visayas and Mindanao areas. The NPC shall sell electricity only from undisposed generation assets and IPP contracts and shall not incur any new obligations to purchase power through bilateral contracts with generation companies or other suppliers.

The Commission shall be composed of a Chairman and four 4 members to be appointed by the President of the Philippines. Competition can pressure price declines overall while improving electricity supply quality and reliability.

Within five 5 years from the condonation of debt, any electric cooperative which shall transfer ownership or control of its assets, franchise or operations thereof shall repay PSALM Corp. They shall be combined and each geothermal complex shall be sold as one package through public bidding.

Epira is working | Inquirer Opinion

Such transition supply contracts shall be assignable to the NPC successor generating companies. Provided, That such spira shall be filed with and approved by the ERC. Upon implementation of retail competition and open access, the prices charged by a generation company for supply of electricity shall not be subject to regulation by the ERC except as otherwise provided in this Act. Shortcut for FAQ page. In the event a divestment is required, the ERC shall philippones the philippinse party sufficient time to remedy the infraction or for an orderly disposal, but shall in no case exceed twelve 12 months from the issuance of the order; g In the public interest, establish and enforce a methodology for setting transmission and distribution wheeling rates and retail rates for the captive market of a distribution utility, taking into account all relevant considerations, including the efficiency or inefficiency phi,ippines the regulated entities.

Provided, That the total generation capacity of such signed transition supply contracts philjppines not exceed the level of NPC owned, controlled or committed capacity as of the effectivity of this Act. Stranded contract costs of NPC shall refer to the excess of the contracted cost of electricity under eligible IPP contracts of NPC over the actual selling price of such contracts in the market.

All members of the Commission shall have a term of seven 7 years: Towards this end, it shall be responsible for the following key functions in the restructured industry:. Exemption from the Salary Standardization Law. This Act which is a consolidation of House Bill No. Any person who is found guilty of any of the prohibited acts pursuant to Section 45 hereof shall suffer the penalty of prision mayor and a fine ranging from Ten thousand pesos P10, By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


The presence of at least philipppines 3 members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum and the majority vote of two 2 members in a meeting where a quorum is present shall be necessary for the adoption of any rule, ruling, order, resolution, decision or other act of eppira Commission in the exercise of its quasi-judicial functions: No generation company or distribution utility, or its respective subsidiary or affiliate or stockholder or epirw of a generation company or distribution utility, or other entity engaged in generating and supplying electricity specified by ERC shall be allowed to hold any interest, direct or indirect, in TRANSCO or its concessionaire.

To ensure that the adjustment of tax rates and royalties shall result pjilippines lower rates for end-users, the Department of Finance shall, within sixty 60 days from the effectivity of this Epiga, issue epiar rules and regulations thereof.

Any person who willfully and deliberately refuses without just cause to extend the support and assistance required by the Power Commission to effectively attain its objectives shall, upon conviction, be punished by imprisonment of not less than one 1 year but not more than six 6 years or a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos P50, The relevant distribution utility shall submit to the ERC quarterly reports showing the amount of stranded costs recovered and the balance remaining to be recovered.

Highlights on the Implementation of RA No. 9136, EPIRA of 2001

Its prices reached their lowest for the year in Septemberwith the recovery in supply after plants came back from shutdowns, coupled with the drop in oil and coal prices. The rates prescribed philippinea be non-discriminatory. Provided, further, That appointment to any future vacancy shall only be for the unexpired term of the predecessor: Provided, That any unsold capacity shall be privatized not later than eight 8 years from the effectivity of this Phlippines.

The existing personnel of the ERB, if qualified, shall be given preference in the filling up of plantilla positions created in the ERC, subject to existing civil service rules and regulations.

No member of the Board or any of his relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity shall have any interest, either as investor, officer or director, in any generation company or distribution utility or other entity engaged in transmitting, generating and supplying electricity specified by ERC.

Provided, That in the formulation of the financial capability standards, the nature and function of the entity shall be considered: