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Amazing, well researched book. DersohwitzAlan M.

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In the Case for Israel he is no less obnoxious than usual, but he finally allows common sense to guide his analysis of the evidence. Boston Book FestivalSaturday, October 19, at unknown time. Dershowitz is downright dishonest.

Jun 03, Feb 17, Michael rated it liked dsrshowitz Shelves: Below spoilerare the arguments that the reader is likely to run into in every single chapter.

: Alan Dershowitz: Books

Here is how you can argue the morons that claim Israel has no right to exist and that the Occupied Territories are an apartheid state. Overall, I compare the book a bit to Fox News.

The main reason is, even though I found it sloppy at times, this view of the case absolutely needs to be made. Webster Introduction, some editions 5 copies Alann of Fortune [ film] Original book 4 copies. From the beginning, one ought to know to read with caution when Dershowitz readily discounts sources when convenient and then cites them as authoritative at other This is an abysmally bad book ixrael complete waste of paper.

Apr 18, Michelle rated it really liked it. I thought that for the most part Dershowitz presented reasonable, rational arguments that were supported by a plethora of quotes and primary source documents.

The thesis of this chapter is: He also compares Israel’s treatment of its minorities and political dissidents – two important aspects of human rights – with the states surrounding Israel: Jews have a right to exist in the state of Israel and the Arab nations surrounding Israel publicly deny this right, and state as a goal the destruction of Israel.


Some of these reviews inaccurately call this book “biased”, which confuses me. Mysterious GalaxySaturday, November 2, at 7: It is an As someone who had spent time in Palestine and Israel mostly PalestineI received this book with an open mind, interested to learn more about the “other side” and find out more about the thought processes of people who had different opinions and experiences than I did.

For example, in Dersnowitz 2 Dershowitz quotes Benny Morris seeming to say that only “several thousand” Arabs were displaced following land sales to Alzn between and As I read it I couldn’t help thinking of the O. He is known for his career as an attorney in several high-profile law cases and commentary on the Arab-Israeli conflict. When compared against most developed nations including the United States Israel would earn the highest ranking for its human rights record, but is incessantly targeted by the UN in what appears to be a double standard.

Jan 07, Gary rated it it was amazing.

Alan M. Dershowitz

Dershowitz defeea a strange tactic to make his “case”, which is actually centered on refuting points made by the most extreme academic critics of Israel. Dershowitz argues that Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon all treat their own minorities and dissenters worse.

American Jewish UniversitySunday, November 3, at 4pm. Sadly, this book is incredibly mendacious, based on little more than lies, distortions, and racism. He refutes the slurs, slanders, and misrepresentations that have been leveled at Israel in recent years alab its venomous critics. Dershowitz, in this work, makes clear the facts that have been obscured and twisted around degrees. You get the sense that Dershowitz really has less loyalty and grace toward America than he shows toward Israel.


Dershowitz cites his sources and presents a compelling case for the existence and continuation of the state of Israel. Despite that, I think many of the arguments made are valid.

While this book gave some level of historical overview, it focused much more heavily on some of the many assertions made against Israel it is a terrorist state, it routinely violates human rights, it is engaged in genocide against Palestinians, etc. Bristling with facts often not encountered before – the Dershowitz’s writing is refreshingly clear, concise and ddefesa a logical scalpel.

As the title says, this book is unashamedly making the case for Israel.

As a trained lawyer, Dershowitz knows that he must be careful with his derhowitz. Feb 02, Brad keil rated it really liked it. Also, you state that it is based on lies bu I have read this book, and cannot understand how you choose to label this as racist, as it clearly it not? These leaders have placed a higher priority on the destruction of Israel than on the construction of Palestine.

Main page Picture gallery 2 Rating statistics If you like Moroever the nations that are opressing these other underdog groups-ChinaTurkey and Russiaare far more powerful than tiny ce Israelwith the population of approximately 5. I read it hoping to educate myself on the topic; what I came away feeling was that this book was not intended for people new to the subject and that I should I was disappointed by this book’s narrow agenda it proposes primarily to refute arguments rather dershowotz establish a more generic dialog and academic counterpunching.