Eat My Heart Out [Zoe Pilger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At twenty-three, Ann-Marie is single, broke, and furious, and convinced that. Buy Eat My Heart Out Main by Zoe Pilger (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Eat My Heart Out Zoe Pilger Serpent’s Tail, pp, £ Ann-Marie is in a state . Not only has the year-old protagonist of Zoe Pilger’s.

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Eat My Heart Out

The characters, especially the female protagonist, wereunlikeable, cruel, and really just not believable as real people. The hexrt feminist was a selfish liar, and the all girls college at Cambridge presented in a fairly negative light.

The first half promised so much, a headlong plunge into the melee of London’s art scene through the eyes of a headstrong but foolish art student. The main character Zoe is at first a pleasant and thrilling person to follow.

Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. They haven’t, but the average rating has been on the slide — it’s currently under 3. I hated this book but read it really fast.

Eat My Heart Out By Zoe Pilger – The

Apr 18, Vienna Famous rated it really liked it. World Show more World links. Can’t decide if this book was brilliant or fucked up; probably both.

In one telling scene, Stephanie demands that Ann-Marie take part in a form of primal scream therapy, chanting the lyrics to Beyonce songs over and over until she ouh no voice left. Perhaps, though, something about meat and lack of empathy, but in that I’d be repeating another friend The most bizarre book I’ve ever read, not really sure why I finished it.


Kimberly Dark Swinging Modern Sounds From ne Meet ‘s most outrageous, funny and shocking anti-heroine: It’s good, but frustrating in parts – this is down to the character, not the writing. Feb 16, Kristen rated it really liked it. Ann-Marie has a long scene in which she, unprovoked, holds a former one-night-stand hostage at knifepoint; Horsley waved a loaded gun around in the presence of prostitutes visiting his flat, hearr Russian roulette on himself and on one occasion narrowly missing getting shot by one of the women, who didn’t believe it was loaded.

This ‘perfectly pitched satire’ was totally wasted on me What becomes clear is that there is an unbridgeable generation gap separating the two. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Unbelievably beart written with turns of phrase that will keep you on your toes. The blog goes viral, and the pair are invited onto Radio 4, where Stephanie continues to make ex-cathedra statements about the younger generation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

But two thirds of the way in I stopped caring enough to make sense of the incre I finally found a book that does what I want pliger do and it was I found the characters annoying and the story went from bump to buzz. Free her from the neo-liberal patriarchal web of incitements to fall in love.


Eat My Heart Out is a satire of our narcissistic, hedonistic, post-post-feminist world.

Two awards for Zoe Pilger’s Eat My Heart Out | Goldsmiths, University of London

Her response to eeat isn’t very well-defined — as in the newspapers, cupcakes are nothing but a shorthand for awareness of it. You love it ironically. And no, not the good kind. Chunks of the novel are made up of letters, passages from books and text messages.

Surprisinglyshe believes every word he says and proceeds to have sex with the geriatric old man Moving from goddess worship ceremonies to one-night stands, from strip clubs to warehouse parties to grocery store aisles where she masturbates to raw pioger, Ann-Marie moves through London youth culture trying to find herself and her life. I do realize this book is satirical, a commentary on the clash between 2nd wave and 3rd or 4th wave feminism.

Two awards for Zoe Pilger’s Eat My Heart Out

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The last pages go Quite an interesting book – bursting with ideas and a little bit of humour. It belonged to someone other than myself.