Verghese Kurien, (born November 26, , Kozhikode, Kerala state, India— died September 9, , Nadiad, Gujarat state), Indian engineer. Dr. R. S. Sodhi, said that Dr. Kurien’s religion was that of each farmer of India. dr kurien verghese. amul. gcmmg. nbbd. milk corporation india. The daughter of iconic social entrepreneur Dr. Verghese Kurien, who is credited for bringing ‘White Revolution’ in the country, has reacted to.

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Vijayaraghavan Gopinath Pillai J.

Inhe prevailed upon then prime minister Vajpayee to verghexe Dr. Kurien either headed or was on the boards of several public institutions and also received honorary doctorate degrees from universities in India and around the world. Indiacountry that occupies the greater part of South Asia.

An anti-climax starts building up towards the last fifteen minutes of the movie where, once external agents have come to a village, overcome vested interests, brought villagers together to set up a dairy cooperative and then withdrawn, only to have the village go back to its old ways, the defining moment of the film comes in the last couple of minutes, which captures the essence of Kurien’s work, and realisation takes hold among a skeptical gathering when an unwearied villager played by Naseeruddin Shah tells them, “Arre, kyun nahi chalegi!

In the late 60s Dr. InPrime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri tasked Kurien to replicate the dairy’s Anand pattern nationwide for which, the National Dairy Development Board NDDB was founded under Kurien on his conditions, that it be independent of governmental control and that it be set up at Anand, away from the capitals and closer to farmers.

Moreover, these nationalist leaders were influenced by socialist ideals of formation of social capital more than the formation of capital assets, and the Gandhian philosophy of production by masses triumphing mass-production in a resource-constrained nation. Later, he would say, “I was sent to You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. The movie’s success led Kurien to another idea. Kurien was of a particular religion Girl with the Amul tattoo”.


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By using this site, vervhese agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He had already made up his mind to quit the government job mid-way and leave Anand but, was persuaded by Tribhuvandas to stay back with him after quitting them, and help him set up his dairy.

To the good Samaritan who ourien millions of lives. The then finance minister came to trust Kurien so much, that whenever Kurien would ask him to cut imports of butter it would be done every time, in tandem with a mere promise of an incremental increase of his production to make good any shortage.

Earlier, then prime minister Nehru, had already visited Anand to inaugurate Amul’s plant, the largest in Asia, and embraced Kurien for his groundbreaking work. Sanghani had said Tribhuvandas Patel was the founder of Amul but farmers’ money was donated for tribals’ religious conversions in south Gujarat by Dr Kurien.

Verghese Kurien | Biography & Facts |

At the demand side, he established Mother Dairy and bulk vending system which could deliver loose hygienic milk at a reasonable price to the urban consumers in competition with the loose milk supplied by city milk dwellers.

The Amul India Story. Kurien’s batchmate from America and dairy engineer H. Kurien was not awarded Bharat Ratna, India salutes him for empowering the lives of millions of farmers and for bringing the Milk revolution in the country.

Krishnan Nair doctor M. Kurien always regarded krien as an employee of the farmers who would do anything to bring prosperity in their favor. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth 3.

We offer our tribute. IRMArather than de students at IIM as the cooperative’s recruits, [58] or the importance of branding and advertising his products from his wife’s brother-in-law. Retrieved from ” https: Operation Flood, Food Kirien and Development.

Biography | Dr. Kurien

In his service of dg fifty years he attained 15 honorary degrees from different institutions of the world as he believed that learning should never stop. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. I too Had a Dream Read Dg. The Man with the Billion Litre idea.


The daughter of iconic social entrepreneur Dr Verghese Kurien has reacted to the allegation made by Gujarat Minister Dileep Sanghani that her father diverted dairy cooperative Amul’s profit to fund religious conversions in Gujarat. He had the foresight to shrewdly use the clout resulting from its recognition, by employing his networking skills and resources at his command effectively, in negotiating international help and support from the governments of at khrien nine prime ministers of the country over more than five decades, all on terms set by him, making everyone who mattered come to Anand in Bombay’s hinterland, where he stayed put, to see his showpiece venture, rather than meet them in the capital cities.

TBI Tribute: Dr. Verghese Kurien – Lest We Forget

There had been many famines over the duration of that regime, so leaders were concerned over food security of the population. Kurien’s support was crucial in making, the ‘ Amul girl ‘ ad campaign advertising with a larger public messageone of the longest running for decades now, [53] [54] and Surabhia TV series on Indian culture, which used to fetch millions of postcards from viewers, weekly, one of the longest running on national television.

So he left and applied for a government of India scholarship, and was chosen to study dairy engineering, an irrelevant discipline, much to his surprise and reluctance, but this time his uncle by now, the finance minister refused to bail him out.

Soon Anand had been transformed from a small village in the country to the Milk Capital of India. Dr Kurien’s efforts led to the White Revolution that made India the largest producer of milk.