Becoming a Writer has ratings and reviews. Daniel said: Holy crap, Dorothea Brande, why the hell is your book almost completely forgotten?I g. In that post I mentioned Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer, and, having discovered I had never actually reviewed this. A reissue of a classic work published in on writing and the creative process, Becoming a Writer recaptures the excitement of Dorothea.

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The best way to do this is to rise half an hour, or a full hour, earlier than you customarily rise. Apr 02, Kressel Housman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All my life I thought I could do both- live a normal life and write. wriyer

Becoming a Writer is unlike any other writing book on the market today. Then there are exercises to help you get into the right frame of mind and to build up writing stamina.

Becoming a Writer

Pragmatic Inquiry in Social Science and the Caring Brande begins by discussing the fears, the worries, and the self-imposed limits most beginners put on themselves. This is a wonderfully lucid book. I have not learned “to see again” “Learning to See Again,” Chapter OK, I did have to look up who Kathleen Norris was, but she’s the exception. A sound, practical, inspirational and charming approach to writing, it fulfills on finding “the writer’s magic.

Mackenzie makes the point early on that if you go to a class of first graders and ask how many are artists, everyone jumps to their feet. But I will quote a gecoming statement taken from the back of the copy I picked up, second hand, for less than the price of a coffee. Not true, Brande says. This is a book doroghea overcoming the many psychological hurdles to developing a writing life.

Brande also doesn’t write at length on the topic. Brande addressed the fears and frustrations that prevent writers from maximizing their true potential.

She also demonstrates that adding the right details makes the hecoming not hecoming interesting but convincing. It has very good advice for beginners at writing, and for those of us who have been going at it alone for more than 10 years, it’s amazing to read, from an experienced woman, all the advice she gives to novices, and realising you’ve been doing exactly that on your own. Write about anything and whatever comes to mind.


But any publisher who wanted to modernize this book — and I’m certainly not suggesting such be done — could easily replace the word typewriter with computer and the words portable typewriter with laptopand the meaning would be unchanged.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande | : Books

In order to gain anything from reading it, the reader is required to undertake certain exercises. Recommended by Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writingthis has some interesting ideas on respecting and doroothea with your creative unconscious. It’s only now that I realise I can’t. By the way, if you read the reprint of Brande’s book with a foreword by John Gardner, it’s completely skippable.

Write any sort of early morning reverie, rapidly and uncritically. April 13, at 3: And although I still have much more to cover, I have never been more motivated about my desire to write. Feb 15, Amalia Danciu rated it it was amazing. She talks about getting your conscious and unconscious minds to work together, how to get your butt in the chair, how to make writing easy, and how to let your genius emerge.

When artists get themselves in balance, both their writing and their other responsibilities fall into place. I have place set aside for writing, there are no books there and no windows. And I am busy. Brande states from the outset that she will not deal with issues of technique.

This, if at all possible, is the book you should read before you even contemplate immersion in the techniques of the trade. In fact, any writer who has dabbled a little bit in the so-called “spiritual arts” would be capable of putting together a how-to treatise on writing, painting, dancing, or any other form of creativity, a how-to-do book on writing just by filling it with Buddhist sound-bites. Becoming a writer, she makes clear, requires strict discipline and continuous practice.


Ina new publisher, Bookouture, republished Of Marriageable Age. Your resistance is actually greater than your desire to write, and you may as well find some other outlet for your energy early as late.

But I have never written anything in the wee hours of the morning. She says- and she is right- that you must have dedicated time and place for writing. She accomplishes several things in this paragraph. What more can I say, except that Brande’s advice works.

Most of us are only intermittently aware, even in youth, and the occasions on which adults see and feel and hear with every sense alert become rarer and rarer with the passage of years. These wrtier there are all wrirer of workshops and books about creativity, tapping the unconscious, using meditation to reach the inner artist, and so on. I have just discovered that Amazon has removed that review! As Brande says in the introduction, even then, back inthere were several books on writing, and most dorohhea them are about the basic rules of storytelling, organisational problems, and so on.

This book is different. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right-about-face which turns us from failure towards success. She plants that seed of knowledge in your soul which will tell you “This is it”, and will catapult you – as if by magic!

But it is possible to make either typing dorothez writing by hand second nature, so that muscular strain will not slow you down or keep you from writing. After a few moments you can drop your intense awareness, but plan to resume it again when the scene changes.

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