Przypomnijmy: ś.p. dr Dariusz Ratajczak był wykładowcą na opublikował pamflet popularnonaukowy zatytułowany “Tematy Niebezpieczne”. Skandal roku: dr Dariusz Ratajczak i Tematy niebezpieczne. Front Cover. Dariusz Ratajczak. Infopress, – pages. The state-run University of Opole announced in early April that Dariusz into the publication of his book Tematy niebezpieczne (“Dangerous Themes”).

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Dr. Dariusz Ratajczak Tematy Niebezpieczne 1999

You are here Home. With a child to support, his financial situation is precarious. Of course, they do it from the angle of current political usefulness.

It is to reach the truth. This article has multiple issues. The publisher, a small firm in Warsaw, reportedly censored the most “extreme” statements, placing them in notes at the book’s end. To write about Polish-Jewish relations niebezoieczne a dangerous venture, especially for a Pole who holds the view that this relationship must be based on truth.

A Polish history professor has been fired by his university and banned from teaching elsewhere for publishing a book suggesting that wartime Germany did not have an overall plan or policy to exterminate Europe’s Jews. Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Reviewvol. Ratajczak himself remained defiant, rejecting all the charges against him.

At the University where he had taught, students signed petitions supporting him. Ratajczak, who is popular with students, was suspended in April from his teaching post with the university’s Historical Institute after state prosecutors opened an investigation into the publication of his book Tematy niebezpieczne “Dangerous Themes”.

Ratajczak published copies of the first nievezpieczne of the book at his own expense.

He told the court that he had merely summarized opinions of historians who hold dissident views on the Holocaust issue, and that his own views are not in line with tenaty the opinions presented in his book. At no time did he ever dispute or “deny” that Jews had been killed in gas chambers.

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Stupidity is not picky about continents, it seems. Ratajczak published copies of the book in March at his own expense. Noting that only copies of this self-published book had been issued, the court declared that it had caused only “negligible harm to society.

Ratajczak, who is popular with students, was suspended in April from his teaching post at the Historical Institute of the University of Opole after complaints were made to authorities.

The state-run University of Opole announced in early April that Dariusz Ratajczak, 37, had violated ethical standards and would be banned from teaching at other universities for three years. In September Ratajczak arranged for a second edition of 30, copies, which was published by a small firm niebezpieczns Warsaw.

However, the court found that the book’s limited distribution was not damaging enough to warrant punishment. Please help improve this article by checking for citation inaccuracies. Please consider expanding niebezpirczne lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Dr. Dariusz Ratajczak : No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’

In essence, truth is a historian’s only friend. For the current IHR catalog, with a complete listing of books and audio and video tapes, send one dollar to:. The body was lying in the car for nearly two weeks and was in an advanced state of decay.

In Temqty a court in Opole Silesia found Ratajczak guilty of spreading revisionist views on the Holocaust, but the court did not punish him, saying that the book’s limited distribution was not damaging enough to warrant punishment under a Polish law that makes it a crime to publicly deny Ratajczk wartime or Communist-era crimes.


He appealed for yematy outright acquittal. He also cited the forensic investigations carried out at Auschwitz and Birkenau by Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, and their conclusions that, for technical reasons, ratajczaj claims of killing millions of Jews in gas chambers are impossible. Only a few were sold at the university bookstore or directly to students, or were given away to friends, before police seized the remaining copies. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Kłamca nie ma już siły

After ascertaining the truth and here we are touching a historian’s other role the investigator should share the truth with others, regardless of the consequences. This article possibly contains inappropriate or misinterpreted citations that do not verify the text.

Dariusz Ratajczak November 28, — [1] was a Polish historian formerly of the University of Opolepublicist and right-wing activist. Gruber report, Dariusz Ratajczak, in his book Tematy Niebezpieczne “Dangerous Topics”appeared to agree with Holocaust denierswho claimed that for technical reasons it was not possible to kill millions of people in the Nazi gas chambersthat Zyklon B gas was used only for disinfecting, that there was no Nazi plan for the systematic murder of Jews and that raatajczak majority of Holocaust scholars “are adherents of a religion of the Holocaust”.

Ratajczak revised his book inattributing the claims regarding Zyklon B to historical revisionists. In June the body of Dariusz Ratajczak was found in a car parked near a shopping center in Opole. Fariusz Ratajczak is a man of firm political and religious convictions, a man of character. Skip to main content.