The main book of the Gods of Glorantha boxed set. Based on RuneQuest 3 system. More game-mechanical than Cults of Prax It treats comprehensively. So, my local FGS is having a bit of a sale on some Glorantha books and I was thinking of snathcing at least the Cults of Glorantha, because I’ve. Most Gloranthans believe the greater gods transcend any specific culture. Ernalda, Lodril, Magasta, Orlanth, Sedenya, and Yelm are all known.

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Each one plays a vital role to their community, and is discussed with such detail that it can power a story arc in a session in itself.

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Can you give us a complete list of cults covered? Ralph Kelleners marked it as to-read Jan 19, I’m looking forward to the cults book more than any other, because for me it’s gloranhta religions and the cultures that they represent that make Glorantha a world I want to play in.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: HeroQuest 2nd Edition HeroQuest. Evan rated it liked it Apr 23, The Odayla write up refers to the “Peaceful Cut” as a cult spell but it is missing from the book. The procedure for casting Rune Magic is straightforward, but a look at the accompanying list of Rune Magics makes it clear that the functions of such spells really are in the form of miracles.

Admittedly in the second age AA is more cuts as a cult in the world at large than KL. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Aldrya has been held back for Vol 2.


The Gods respond to sacrifices offered to them in a ritualized manner conducted by the hierarchy. No Web Links Found.

In a world where the gods are real and shape the daily lives of their adherents, cults are an everyday og for every culture in Glorantha. It is verbatim from the gloratha cover. The Cults of Glorantha The chapter rounds off with an extensive listing of the various cults of Glorantha along with their traits and special considerations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here An overview of Theism, special rules for Gloranthan Cults mainly tweaks really.

No mere member can compel a god to do their bidding, but the gods will respond to sacrifices done properly by their God-Talkers and Rune Priests when done correctly.

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Tags separate by space: Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “I use this site a lot and am heavily motivated by gporantha. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The chapter rounds off with an extensive listing of the various cults of Glorantha along with their traits and special considerations.

Are these longer than the samples or are most cults just one page write ups like in the preview? Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Cults of Glorantha Volume 2 (PDF version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Carmanian Pantheon is great and does build on some of the work in Hero Wars.


Sorcerer and Sha The companion book to Divine Cults of Glorantha, this sourcebook reveals the myriad cults, orders and sorcery schools that answer to no god or goddess – no higher power beyond the strength of its adherents.

Last edited by Voriof on Sun Oct 15, From the back cover: For example, Bladesharp, a spell that improves the damage of a weapon is a Spirit Magic spell, but Accelerate Growth, a spell that makes a plant grow the equivalent of 1 year in only 15 minutes is a Rune Magic spell. I know, chaos isn’t widespread in the 2nd age, but we could have at least had Thed or Mallia.

Two old standards are there which I’m glad of: Tales of the Reaching Moon. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

There is also a brief description of the Gloranthan Otherworlds. Glorantha is a deeply religious setting, and thus any self-respecting adult is a member of a cult.

It was the cults. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Notify me of new comments via email. Hannu Kokko added it Aug 22, Hero Wars 1st edition HeroQuest. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site culys become what it is today. But here’s the thing, I think they work quite well, it gives a good feel for each of the Cults that gloranttha accessible to new players.