Description. Cremophor A 6 is a whitish waxy substance. Cremophor A 25 is supplied in the form of free-flowing, non-dusting microbeads. Identity. Cremophor A. August Supersedes issue dated May MEMC e/Page 1 of 8. Cremophor® A Grades. ® = Registered trademark of BASF Aktiengesellschaft. INCI: Ceteareth-6 (and) Stearyl AlcoholThe Cremophor A grades are Combinations of Cremophor A6 and Cremophor A25 can emulsify oils with a.

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Micelle-containing formulations, such as propofol in Cremophor EL, are thermodynamically stable and remain intact for indefinite periods. A number of studies have addressed the occurrence of hyperlipidemia upon infusion of propofol emulsion, particularly in long-term infusions.

These investigators found that droplet sizes remained cremophlr average 0.


Frequently, free oil can be seen after freeze—thawing of emulsions. Obtaining long-term droplet stability is a major challenge in developing commercial emulsions for intravenous administration.

These investigators found cremophoor in contrast to the effects of lidocaine, thiopental did not alter the zeta potential of the propofol oil droplets. Specifically, sulfite in this emulsion and at the concentrations present 0. Propofol emulsion mixed with other substances can also destabilize emulsions.


Acta Anaesthesiol Belg ; And we are helping to provide a reliable supply of high quality food, feed and plant based raw materials. Thank you for reading. The first lipid emulsions examined were not satisfactory because cremopohr onset of anesthesia was delayed, potency was lost, and duration of anesthesia was prolonged compared with propofol formulated in Cremophor EL.

An adverse reaction to the administration of disoprofol Diprivan. Twitter Facebook More Reddit Email. Cation metabolism during propofol sedation with and without EDTA in patients with impaired renal function.

Log in to access full content You must be logged in to access this feature. However, aseptic precautions should be maintained during propofol emulsion administration.

Lidocaine exists in a pH-dependent uncharged lipophilic form and a charged aqueous form. Animal studies of the anaesthetic activity of ICI 35 Floyd AG, Jain S: However, micelles made from other poloxamers have been given recent consideration for formulating propofol. Formulation-dependent pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of propofol in rats.

Propofol, but not thiopental, supports the growth of Candida albicans. The function of phospholipids of soybean lecithin in emulsions.

Cremophor A6

This reformulation represented a significant improvement in intravenous propofol formulation and is the current mainstay of propofol delivery. Structure of a Pluronic micelle composed of A-B-A polymers. Pharm Res ; 8: The viscosity of these solutions are said to be similar to that of the current propofol oil-in-water emulsions. A comparison with the standard propofol emulsion. Email required Address never made public. Flocculation and creaming are the only reversible processes in emulsion degradation.


Together they make up a strong, attractive and balanced cremopnor that is resistant to fluctuations in demand and to potential risks.

The effect of a cyclodextrin vehicle on the cardiovascular profile of propofol in rats. Ceteareth-6 and Stearyl Alcohol.

China cas no China black cas China scales cas. Other formulations were also considered for propofol during its initial development around Whether the administration of propofol—cyclodextrin formulations, particularly long term, will represent a toxicity risk is not clear.