The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England into a devastating, . The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England. Historical fiction master Conn Iggulden retells the gripping story of the English Civil War in this first instalment of his latest Wars of the Roses series.

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Then again, I absolutely love anything about the War of the Roses stor,bird this book went further back for me than most of the others I have read. Indeed, Henry VI decides to give up his lands in France, so the English settlers are forced to flee their homesteads from the incoming French.

Stormbird (Wars of the Roses I) by Conn Iggulden

The reader will look forward to the growth of her famously forceful personality and political acumen in the rest of the trilogy.

The characters the author has created are not just the famous characters from history but he uses the lives ordinary people. In his end notes Conn Iggulden comments on how historical fiction often involves filling in the gaps and unexplained parts of history.

View all 18 comments. The most poignant moment in those five chapters was definitely the deathbed scene in that first chapter. A peasent uprising starting in Kent, this was probably the most successful of the many rebellions that occurred at the time.

La historia se sumerge en la trama con el compromiso de matrimonio entre Margarita y Enrique VI tramado por el padre de ella y el rey Carlos de Francia. England was ruled by the once fierce warrior king, Edward E. War breaks out in Normandy, as many fleeing farmers rebel against the French who come to evict them.

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I mean sex happens because we are talking kings and kingly lineages and how screwed up things got With Stormbirdhe has already shown Wars of the Roses to be as outstanding as it is anticipated. It is that good. The French looked for foxes and found only innocent chickens, just like we wanted.

There are plots and schemes and impressive fight scenes. The first episode in the extraordinary Wars Of The Roses, in which two families plunged England into a terrible civil war for thirty years, Stormbird is Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical novel and the opening to his greatest series yet.

An exciting new historical novel which brings the past vividly to life, in all its comn glory. View all 6 comments.

Stormbird holds a wealth of realistic characters, from the brave Engligh archer Thomas Woodchurch, the conniving but likeable Derry Brewer and the emerging strength of character of the new English queen Iggulden handles them all well, creating a believable cast filled with opposing and interweaving desires and actions. With her travels rebellion and anger, enflamed by those closest to Henry who, against nature, have least thought for his care.

Overall, the book feels very much like a Fictio Not a proper review, just a few comments. She might be little more than a child but she is under no illusion about her duty and her good fortune, terrifying though it must have been.

However, I personally find it a bit hard to relate to the two fictitious characters. I had no idea why it was there and it took awhile to sort out why we kept coming back to his tale. This is Iggulden at his most tangible and in his element.

View all 3 comments. Apr 18, happy rated it really liked it Shelves: For one, if you should accept this challenge War of the Roses then you’re in it for the longhaul as this book jus stops. Richard is not a central character, but he is always seen lurking around the edges, making sure that things turn out the way that he has planned.


And reading the author’s note, well-researched even if I didn’t agree with some of his conclusions. He kept all the voices distinct to an amazing degree and totally engaged me in the goings-on. Ina righteous and honorable English nobleman, William de la Pole, meets with the English spymaster, Derihew Brewer, to arrange peace between England and France. Well, it depends how far this series goes.

Alongside Margaret and Henry there are other vividly realised figures from these Wars.

War of the Roses: Stormbird | Washington Independent Review of Books

There are displaced longbowmen and disgruntled peasants and much of Stormbird follows their rich and full lives, especially those of archer Thomas Woodchurch and his son, and of real-life rebel John Cade who led his army of of the dispossessed and hungry into London itself. The boy Henry is to be married to Margaret of Anjou. I rushed right through Stormbird in a day. Stormbird is the first in a trilogy on the Wars of the Roses, and his retelling is a truly mesmerizing romp through 15th-century England and France.

Conn Iggulden was interviewed by Mariella Frostrup for the BBC programme ‘Open Book’ recently and said, “The wonderful thing about historical fiction is it has to entertain and inform.

It’d be easy to overlook, but Iggulden continues with the misnoming choices by continually referring to people with their full title as if it were their names, often eliminating the “of” particle, like Earl Warwick, Earl Salisbury, etc.