Bishop Kaye (Some Account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alexandria, p. 48) translates, “receiving from man that which made man (that on account. Title: The Instructor (Paedagogus). Author: Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately approximately Link: HTML with commentary at CCEL. Paedagogus by Clement of Alexandria. Also spelled “Pædagogus”, originally παιδαγωγός in Greek, commonly translated as “The Instructor” or.

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Clement of Alexandria

For they deceive the men by the excessive quantity of their hair; and shame the Lord as far as in them lies, by adorning themselves meretriciously, in order to dissemble the truth. But now I know not how people change their fashions and manners with the place.

For not being free of the alwxandria of finery, they are not in health; but inclining to voluptuousness, paedwgogus become effeminate, cutting their hair in an ungentlemanlike alexahdria meretricious way, clothed in fine and transparent garments, chewing mastich, smelling of perfume. The most indeed has been already said, and laid down in the form of disciplinary rules.

He both manages the state and tills the ground; commands, and helps, and creates the universe. And if Plutus is blind, are not those women that are crazy about him, and have a fellow-feeling with him, blind too? Take away, then, directly the ornaments from womenand domestics from masters, and you will find masters in no respect different from bought slaves in step, or look, or voice, so like are they to their slaves.

Dissolve the knots of oppressive contracts.

And His commandments are not grievous. And let not men, therefore, spend their time in barbers’ shops and taverns, babbling nonsense; and let them give up hunting for the women who sit near, and ceaselessly talking slander against many to raise a laugh. For the deity that is sought, to whom you have rushed, will not be found within, but a cat, or a crocodile, or a serpent of the country, or some such beast unworthy of the temple, but quite worthy of a den, a hole, or the dirt.


And shops are erected and opened everywhere; and adepts at this meretricious fornication make a deal of money openly by those who plaster themselves, and give their hair to be pulled out in all ways by those who make it their trade, feeling no shame before the onlookers or those who approach, nor before themselves, being men.

These things are to be observed, and whatever else is commanded in reading the Bible. Continue in prayerwatching thereunto with thanksgiving. Has one any part of the body beautiful? For this very thing, the shameless use of a kisswhich ought to be mystic, occasions foul suspicions and evil reports.

When I want to form man, I want matter, and have matter in the elements. But at last you will find it bitterer than bile, and sharper than a two-edged sword. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For know this well, says the apostle, that no fornicator, or unclean person, or covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Clementis Alexandrini Paedagogus

For He is the giver and the guard of good things. It also temperance is alexabdria. There are, then, four reasons for the bath for from that point I digressed in my orationfor which we frequent it: Do not qlexandria yourselves about horses and servants, who, as bearing burdens when the rich paedaoggus travelling, are allegorically called shoes.

For God wished women to be smooth, and rejoice in their locks alone growing spontaneously, as a horse in his mane; but has adorned man, like the lions, with a beard, and endowed him, as an attribute of manhood, with shaggy breasts alexandriw a sign this of strength and rule.

Thrice, I say, alexandroa once, do they deserve to perish, who use crocodiles’ excrement, and anoint themselves with the froth of putrid humours, and stain their eyebrows with soot, and rub their cheeks with white lead.


But feminine motions, dissoluteness, and luxury, are to be entirely prohibited. We have the Decalogue given by Moseswhich, indicating by an elementary principle, simple and of one kind, defines the designation of sins in a way conducive to salvation: No one would, I say, voluntarily choose to do this. The filthiness of gluttony is proved by the sewers into which our bellies discharge the refuse of paedagoguss food. For, as in the case of the soldier, the sailor, and the ruler, so also the proper dress of the temperate man is what is plain, becoming, and clean.

The bathing which is carnal, that is to say, of the body, is accomplished by water alone, as often in the country where there is not a bath.

I pity the boys alexamdria by the slave-dealers, that are decked for dishonour. Whatsoever you shall ask in prayerbelieving, you shall receive. Vigiliae Christianae, SupplementsVolume: Let her neck not be stretched back, nor the members of her body be loose.

More Options Prices excl. For similarly to what we have laid down with respect to food, are we to do everywhere and with everything.

It is enough for women to protect their locks, and bind up their hair simply along the neck with a plain hair-pin, nourishing chaste locks with simple care to true beauty.

But the embellishment of smoothing for I am warned by the Wordif it is to attract men, is the act of an effeminate person, — if to attract womenis the act of an adulterer; and both must be driven as far as possible from our society.