Bill Bruford: The Autobiography jazz article by John Kelman, published on March 2, at All About Jazz. Find more Book Reviews articles. [Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Bill Bruford’s The Autobiography, first published in by Jawbone Press, but receiving the. It draws on interviews with nine top drummers and Bruford’s own “Bill Bruford – The Autobiography” continues to go from strength to strength.

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For Pros Sign in or sign autobiovraphy to upload and share your publicity or live event photos. Is it different, being in Bruford speaks candidly about these relationships, and his clinical honesty reflects the scientific nature of his mind.

Coming to the end of a four-night residency amid the “tawdry glamour” of the Hollywood entertainment district inhe notes that “tonight is the last night I shall have to sign autographs for the earnest, pleasant, balding, upright middle-aged men who have flown from Kansas City or El Paso autobiographh I once played on [the Yes bruvord Fragile.

I found the latter to be the best parts: Something people left to musicians who did it well and thoroughly enjoyed, something that enriched their lives.

Jan 05, Brufors rated it it was amazing. This is a bittersweet autobiography, as it was written at the point at which Bruford had decided, after forty year’s active service, to retire from being a professional musician. His career is covered in full but in highly thoughful mode, and without overly much analysis of the music made. Return to Book Page. Open Preview See a Problem?

Bill Bruford Autobiography Book Review – Ash Pearson

Trivia About Bill Bruford – Th Jun 07, Gary Hill rated it really liked it. Seems Like a Lifetime Jazz Story I love jazz because it gives bruforr freedom of mind. This was going to be more than three chords and a pint of Guinness. Bruford has written a painfully honest book about his experience as a musician autoboography both the exhilarating and terribly difficult and mundane aspects of pursuing his craft with passion.

Excerpt: ‘Bill Bruford: The Autobiography’

And good insights about what it’s like touring and living out of nameless hotels in nameless cities. The remainder, interspersed with his recollections, are musings on the nature of music: At progressive rock boards like Progressive Ears it was enough to cause considerable consternation amongst fans who date back to Bruford’s early days with Yes and King Crimson, and who have stuck with him through many subsequent Crimson incarnations, two versions of his flagship Earthworks group and his all-improv duet with Dutch pianist Michiel Borstlap.


Luckily the diary-like oscillation between the many elements – the psychological insight, the historical musings, treatises on the nature of music, observations about the primate psychology of his band mates, frightening references to Robert Fripp, etc – provides a pleasant mixture of brufoord and soft, fortissimo and pianissimo, neatly separated into roughly page chunks chapters.

It’s got poetic descriptions of drumming and good jazz gigs, a sprinkling of musical disaster stories, wry observations on the music industry, and tons of thought-provoking philosophy about music and its relationship to the rest of culture. There are ajtobiography two major faults with the book being the nasty reason for the deduction of the star that shines brightest in the score: Inevitably, a majority will conclude that if we pack up the gear quickly and step on it, we can make the couple of hundred miles back to the Speakeasy in time for last orders at 2: The Physics of Cosmic No one can know having not walked in his shoes.

Press Release Distribution Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. It is an honest, entertaining, well-written account of life on the road and in the studio – rubbing shoulders with the famous, the less famous, and the infamous, and creating an impressive tally of great music. My Hruford Membership has its privileges! Not afraid to say what his feelings are on any given subject and even exposes his own insecurities along the way.

The main problem is a couple of dead weight chapters at the beginning and a bit of a draggy ending. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The whole thing is a bit of a novelty. When I bought this book, I was expecting autibiography to be an amusing but forgettable account of Bill’s Bruford’s life. Nov 17, Allan Heron rated it really liked it.


They should have been here hours ago. The bulk of the book defends art over commerce “this pop entertainment lark hruford all very well, but we musicians, we muddy foot soldiers — and there are plenty like me — thirst to generate a music worthy of serious consideration” and the final chapters defend his decision to retire from live performance, which he did last year.

It always takes longer to pack up than you think. The main subject of this book maybe more than himself is the music business and culture, and I haven’t read a more comprehensive insider analysis of its foibles, follies, and passions. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

May 20, Jeff rated it it was amazing. Ideally, the listener cannot hear the join between the two – the composed sounds improvised and the improvised sounds composed.

The book reads more like a late-night conversation with a friend where you meander from topic to topic. Bruford does not come across as “acerbic” at all, the word just sounds fitting before gruford Bill Bruford has written a Fabulously Marvelous Terrific and Thoroughly enjoyable autobiography from his very unique Acerbic wit jumps autobiographj from the page at you.

Enjoyed it but struggled at times with BB’s slightly preachy style and found that he came across as rather smug at times. From there the individuals will usually cab it home with various female companions in tow. Dec 07, Clark rated it it was amazing. The book starts off in a auttobiography manner as Bruford opines on topics near and dear to his heart: But the perennial question that irks him most is: As far as I can ascertain this is not a ghost-written work: Film Reviews Green Book: