Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. It’s not easy to find a fresh angle for the werewolf Book 1 of 13 in Women of the Otherworld (13 Book Series). Bitten (An Otherworld Novel Book 1) and millions of other books are available . a wolf may be more comfortable for a strong, smart woman than being human. read Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) online free for Chapter 24 by Kelley Armstrong,read vampire books free online.

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Women of the Otherworld – Wikipedia

How old do you have to be to read otherwordl book? He’s moody but predictable, dangerous and lethal but oh so loving and loveable. Shelve Women of the Otherworld Series Collection: Jeremy’s ability was different. I must admit, I’d never quite understood the custom of sending flowers. Literature written by Kelley Armstrong.

She suffered the unwanted attentions of her foster fathers and grew up wanting nothing more than to have that normal human life: Other books you might like.

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Ecco, meglio, ci siamo tutti. I dropped a magazine over his shoulder and onto his lap. The pack dynamics are interesting. As they assemble, the werewolves enjoy a delicious breakfast of pancakes and ham. However, since then there have been a saturation of the field and the reader has been given many wondrous were-related series, and I am not sure if this book has aged as well as I thought it might have.

I don’t think Bitten had a story, and if it did, that story did not surface even after pages of the novel–the point where I put the book down calmly and decided to kick it out of my life and memory permanently I bet something drastic would’ve turned up right on the st page, eh?


I think the narrative may have been not worked for me in this case because it comes off more detached than emotional view spoiler [especially in regards to sensitive topics, such as sexual abuse hide spoiler ]. It felt like Elena Michaels was getting abnormally comfortable in a house full of complete strangers and this was downright weird. Very out of control and wild.

My legs pick up the rhythm before I’m halfway down the ravine. I decided to read the books in order to be able to get into butten world that the author created The first book I read in birten series was Living with the Dead — my local bookshop only had this paperback copy — yes those days before I discovered the magic world of eBooks!!!!

If I see any cops, I’ll switch to the bench across the road. There could be a secret pack hidden in Tibet, or maybe a stray in the Boreal forest in Russia. All I had to do was wait.

Our heroine is Elena. Though, admittedly, the Werewolves were the baddies, not the goodies. View all 23 comments.

See all 22 questions about Bitten…. Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked away in her basement writing dungeon.

First she is alone with this guy Jaime who keeps telling her she has been bitten by Clay the teacher tge that she is now a werewolf. In the book Elena is still having trouble coming to terms with her being a werewolf and I loved her dealing with that, figuring out who she is and by the end of the book finally excepting everything.

I close my eyes for a second and feel the wind slice across my muzzle. I think I may actually enjoy bjtten more than the Fever Series tbe though I don’t want to go saying anything I can’t take back!

Mad and unable to forgive, she tries to escape her pack to find her place in the human world. But since it did revolve around her, it was awful. And then doesn’t goddam go anywhere. This one’s been hanging around for a while, since it was recommended to me sometime last year.


There is a lot of action in the book. I am not sure why those otherwirld on otheeworld more on the second try, but it is what it is In an attempt to break away, she moves to Toronto to lead a normal life.

Werewolves by Kelley Armstrong. I get it and I think the author does do well characterizing both of these characters. I’ll pack it for you to take to work. This is where characters with supernatural powers get together and have themselves a little meeting to discuss action items, assign jobs and deadlines, and maybe gripe at each otyerworld. It was well written, with engaging, interesting characters.

Below is a complete, in-universe chronological list of the series’ 64 novels, online work, short stories, novellas and contributions to anthologies, based on wommen timeline given on Kelley Armstrong’s official website. I don’t think I’ll be reading the second any time soon but just the fact that I finished this makes me really happy!

Women of the Otherworld

Maybe I didn’t want him to know how much I remembered and how much I cared. I’d be sleeping and I’d have a dream about otherworrld to him, but I’d subconsciously sense it was more than a dream, and I could listen and respond rationally.

Avete presente le famiglie del mulino bianco, tutti maledettamente perfetti e felici? If just one character had told Elena off, I would have forgiven her. More than Ricky-bo and Cuffs Alistair.