Aspilia africana (Pers.) C. D. Adams [family COMPOSITAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. General Information. Aspilia africana is a very rapid growing, semi-woody herb producing usually annual stems about 2 metres tall from a perennial woody. PDF | On Feb 7, , Oluwatosin Kennedy Oko and others published Pharmacognosy of Aspilia Africana plant: Phytochemistry and Activities.

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The plant is commonly found distributed in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The inter Journal of Toxicology. Preparation of Africsna Aspilia africana Extract A bulk of fresh Aspilia africana leaves single batch sufficient for the study was collected from the field.

Human’s dependency and sustainability have continued to revolve around plants through their uses as foods, fibres, shelters, and even medicines. When the cells have settled out of suspension, the numbers of cells present in the 4 corner 1mm 2 areas total area of 4 mm 2 were counted in accordance to the Thoma counting rule. Royal Botanic Gardem, Kew: In East Africa, Aspilia Africana is also used for traditional treatment of malaria and related symptoms.

The stained film was diluted with twice as much buffered distilled water pH 6. Anti-diabetic and haematological effect of aqueous extract of stem bark of Afzelia africana Smith on aspipia diabetic Wistar rats. Scientific American Library; Anatomy and Physiology aepilia Farms Animals.

A drop of immersion oil was afridana on the lower third of the dry blood film and covered with a clean cover glass. Sharing the Wisdom of Time.

Photo Gallery — A Migrant Caravan. For children, the decoction is mixed with clay and orally administered to treat stomach upsets. In most communities, Aspilia Africana medicine is generally administered orally or by topical application.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The sap from the crushed mixture of flowers and leaves of Aspilia Africana is applied topically to heal and stop bleeding in a fresh wound.

This Heliantheae article acricana a stub.

Aspilia (Aspilia africana) | Feedipedia

The final result was expressed as the number of cells per litre of blood using the formula below:. The film was examined microscopically to check the staining and distribution of cells using the 10x objective with the condenser iris closed sufficiently to see the cells clearly.

They are the major source of drug development in the pharmaceutical industry Burton et al. Haematocrit Packed cell volume was determined by microhaematocrit method as described by Cheesbrough a. When the cells settled out of suspension, the number lying on 5 of the 25 small squares in the central area were counted in accordance to the Thoma counting rule. The decoction from a mixture of the leaves and roots has been used in some communities for treating pulmonary haemorrhage. Synthetic or natural compounds capable of causing haemolysis do so by interacting with sulfhydryl groups, the inhibition of various enzymes and immune mechanisms, and the fragmentation of erythrocytes as they pass through the platelet-fibrin mesh or by unknown or poorly defined mechanisms.

Aspilia – Wikipedia

The absolute number of each white cell type was calculated by multiplying the number of each cell counted expressed as a decimal fraction by the total WBC count. It has a somewhat aromatic carroty smell. In some West African countries, the infusion aspiloa the mixture of flowers and leaves from the plant is credited with even the capacity of arresting the bleeding of a severed artery, hence demonstrating the extraordinary properties of this plant in stopping bleeding.


Aspilia Africana is a rapid growing, semi-woody herb usually producing annual stems about 2 metres tall from a perennial woody root-stock. Total White Blood Cell Count was carried out according to the method as described by Cheesbrough c.

This was then pushed forward and rapidly. The roots can also be chewed and the sap swallowed to induce appetite especially in patients. Niger Journal of Physiol Sci. Pope Francis in a new book is calling for an alliance between the young and elderly: Animal care and use Manual.

In-vitro Anti-microbial Properties of Aspilia africana. Aspiia Pacific J of Trop Biomed.

The sap from the crushed roots is applied topically to wounds to promote rapid healing and to stop bleeding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heliantheae Asteraceae genera Heliantheae stubs.

Aspilia africana

The homogenates amber green solution were shaken for 1 hr in a rotary flask and after 72 hours, filtered into separate sterile containers using a funnel containing sterile cotton wood and later with Whatman No. The appreciable increase in the values of the haematological parameters investigated may be associated with the inherent-haematopoietic-stimulating properties possessed by the africaha of Aspilia africana.

Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administration; In some East African countries, asppilia root decoction is used to treat and manage tuberculosis. These oil samples included sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, germacrened and alpha-pienene.