AO Transistor Datasheet, AO Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. AO N-channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor with Schottky Diode AO N-Channel Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AO AO Datasheet PDF Download – N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor, AO data sheet.

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That site does have a section about mosfets and finding others with similar parameters, but it’s somewhat stupid and you really can’t use it to find VRM mosfets. If you tell me which site your ordering from, I might be able to find you something better. And what does it have to do with mosfets? Last edited by orientalsniper; at Find More Posts by mmartell. The time now is The 56a on this part is on datasheet at a specific unrealistic temperature and power dissipation level, the site uses values in the database extracted from datasheets, with other unrealistic, stupid use cases.


Today I spotted this which may help many http: See this video, hope it clears datssheet things: Vgs is very important, should be close to the others.

So it should be lower at datasgeet draw. So the voltage can be higher, it’s just a maximum rating, but the most important thing is that the RdsON matches or exceeds the spec. This was posted in a thread I started cheers to that person. What do you mean what does it have to do with mosfets?? Find More Posts by spleenharvester. I generally google “AO??????

AO Datasheet(PDF) – Alpha & Omega Semiconductors

All times are So4704 If this is a purely technical discussion then excuse me for trying to help. Rdson at what voltage and current? Windsor ON My Country: Find More Posts by selldoor. Last edited by mariushm; at Find More Posts by mariushm.

AO MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

Though those specs look pretty close, I imagine the difference is probably negligable unless they’re being loaded quite highly. Input capacitance datasheef somewhat important. Originally Posted by mockingbird I had to deal with just such a repair job I had to deal with just such a repair job I think I found one possible answer from this post: Find More Posts by orientalsniper.


Thanks for the input, I’m going to be experimenting in the meantime. It’s like linking to youtube So the Vishay part is actually slightly inferior.

AO4704 Datasheet PDF

If he’s looking to use an equivalent device then he can use the site and see if he has any other matching devices he can cull from another board. Just a wild stab in the dark, I know almost nothing about mosfets myself. For example, the form there shows you this: Originally Posted ao47044 mockingbird. Equivalent” or substitute or replacement for a quick hit.