For manuals not available in the Document library, contact your local ABB representative. ACS Hardware Manual to kW ( to hp). ABB industrial drives, ACS, drive modules, 1 to Hp. Contact and web kW. For more information please see the ACS hardware manual. ACS to kW/ to hp. Catalog. Low voltage AC drives manuals. Maintenance assistant. The maintenance assistant reminds the user about.

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Operation is within the torque limits. The user is responsible for installing the emergency stop devices and all the additional devices needed for the emergency stop to fulfil the required emergency stop category classes.

TTL encoder input X How to select a parameter and change its value Torque is limited to ensure that the speed is between the minimum and maximum speed limits defined by parameters The selection between the control locations is done through digital input DI3.

ABB ACS850 User Manual

Page 62 62 Program features The prerequisites for performing the autotune routine are: Derivative acceleration compensation Proportional, integral Torque Speed Error reference reference value Derivative Actual speed Settings Parameter group 23 Speed ctrl page Page 68 68 Program features Sensors like absolute encoders and resolvers indicate the rotor position at all times after the offset between the zero angle of rotor and that of the sensor has been established.

Operation What this chapter contains The chapter describes the operation of the control panel. Drive-to-drive link Master Follower Follower Follower Automatic Fault Resets 84 Program features Stall protection parameters When the total area exceeds wcs850 limit set by parameter Feedback 1 multiplied by feedback 2.

If the motor speed is below this value longer than the sleep delay List Of Tasks 20 The ACS control panel List of tasks The table below lists common tasks, the mode in which you can perform them, abbreviations of the options in the Main menu and the page number where the steps to do the task are described ace850 detail.


Check for obstructions in the air flow.

ABB ACS850 Manual

Sequential Control Macro 98 Application macros Sequential control macro The Sequential control macro is suited for speed control applications in which speed reference, multiple constant speeds, and two acceleration and deceleration ramps can be used.

Keeping the key depressed for a while first quickly changes the current digit until the cursor moves left one position. For either one of the ABB Drives profile, the embedded fieldbus interface of the drive converts nanual fieldbus data to and from the native data used in the drive.

acs8550 Page 99 Application macros 99 Default parameter settings for Sequential control macro Below is a listing of default parameter values that differ from those listed in chapter Additional parameter data page The function is useful in applications where a smooth and quick restarting is essential.

Page Control through a fieldbus adapter Control through a fieldbus adapter What this chapter contains Manyal chapter describes how the drive can be controlled by external devices over a communication network fieldbus through an optional fieldbus adapter module.


Smaller of the two feedbacks sources used. Ext2 act External control location EXT2 is active. Table Of Contents Table of contents 7 5.

In this chapter, the alarms and faults are sorted by the four-digit code. How to select a parameter and change its value Page 89 Application macros 89 Application macros What this chapter contains This chapter describes the intended use, operation and default control connections of the application macros.

Program features 75 Example The figure below shows a brake control application example.


An alarm or a fault message indicates abnormal drive status. Drives Automation Technologies No. See also section Encoder support page Writing to control or reference word resets the timeout counter. Guarantees the best possible control accuracy. Page Drive-to-drive link It also contains information on the compatibility, safety and intended audience. The controller can be acs80 to control process variables such as pressure, flow or fluid level.

This fault cannot be reset. The sign of the reference determines the running direction. The sources for the references are defined by parameters Name Brake start torq Brake not closed Product And Service Inquiries Product and service inquiries Acs805 any inquiries about the product to your local ABB representative, quoting the type mmanual and serial number of the unit in question.

Make sure that it is safe to continue operation in case of a communication break. Control chain and drive logic diagrams Control chain and drive logic diagrams What this chapter contains The chapter presents the drive control chain and logic.

Lowering the speed reduces the CPU load. Installation What this chapter contains The chapter describes connecting and mounting of the control panel. Make sure that the machinery into which the drive with brake control function is integrated fulfils the personnel safety regulations. Note that parameter changes made via the application program override changes made via the DriveStudio PC tool. Application macros 89 Application macros What this chapter contains This chapter describes the intended use, operation and default control connections of the application macros.

The time periods can be used to control four different timers.